Starfield Echoes of the Past: How to Open Cell D-02-106

There’s a cell you can unlock during Starfield’s Echoes of the Past, Cell D-02-106, and this guide shows you how to do it.

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When working with the Crimson Fleet, nothing is ever easy in Starfield. One of your first missions for the pirates will have you on the surface of Suvorov, where you’ll be exploring The Lock and learning the history of how the Crimson Fleet came to be. This is where you can stumble across Cell D-02-106.

You might find yourself in front of this cell, or you could learn about it by exploring the computer files you find in The Lock. You’ll receive an optional task to unlock this cell, but it’s entirely your choice. Here’s what you need to know about how to open Cell D-02-106 in Starfield.

How to Unlock Cell D-02-106 With a Computer in Starfield

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You’ll first need to locate the security area with a computer that reads D-Block Guard Post Workstation. This will need to be done for the main quest in Starfield, Echoes of the Past, so you’ll go through here during the main story. When you reach the computer, make sure to read the final entry in the computer, labeled file “LIMS-2111A/UC Message.” From here, you’ll learn that a cell in D-block section 02 contains several weapons and items you can use. Whether you need them or not, they have items worth selling after you leave The Lock.

Your next destination will be to head down to the second level. You’ll want to make your way towards the kitchen, which you can find naturally as you progress through this quest. They’re close to the showers, and you’ll see a security section above the kitchen when you arrive. Head inside there, and look for the panel that reads, “D-Block Section 02 Cell: Release Switch,” and turn it on.

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This will unlock all of the security doors in section 2, which is to the right of this security station. The cell block you’re looking for during this Starfield mission, Cell D-02-106, will be far back, on the right side. I did not locate any helpful items that aided me on the current mission, Echoes of the Past, or anything to do with the treasure my crew was seeking out, but I grabbed several help items and weapons I could use. Namely, I found an Auto-Rivet, which is a large nail gun. However, the loot might vary for other players in Starfield.

Although there are only a few items in this cell, this is a great way to get used to some of the optional objectives you have to complete in Starfield. These appear often in many of the questions, and although they’re not required to get the job done, they make for a great way to seek out side paths and new ways to explore the game.