Starfield Eye of the Storm: Should You Bring Kryx’s Legacy to The Crimson Fleet or UC SysDef?

You can pick to give Kryx’s Legacy to the Crimson Fleet or the UC SysDef in Starfield, but you can only pick one of them.

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When you reach the end of Starfield’s Eye of the Storm mission, the time has come for you to make a critical decision. Who will you give Kryx’s Legacy to, as you can only enact this final, fateful decision.

You’ve been told that if the Crimson Fleet receives Kryx’s Legacy, they will become powerful, and they can expand their operations, overtaking the UC SysDef. However, if the UC SysDef can prevent the Crimson Fleet from taking this massive amount of credits, they can beat them back, and destroy piracy from these systems. Should you bring Kryx’s Legacy to the Crimson Fleet or UC SysDef in Starfield?

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What Happens When the Crimson Fleet Gets Kryx’s Legacy in Starfield?

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When you want to give Kryx’s Legacy to the Crimson Fleet, your first priority will be to fly it over to the Kryx system and present it to Delgado on The Key. When you arrive, a handful of UC SysDef ships will already be there, and your Starfield character will need to provide assistance to the Crimson Fleet to take them out. After they’ve been dispatched, make your way onto the ship to meet up with Delgado.

The mission will have you defending the Crimson Fleet around the Key from the invading UC SysDef. Later, you’ll have to fight against the crew of the UC Vigilance, taking down everyone on board, including the commander, whom you’ve been working for the entire time. You’ll also see the reflection of your many choices, and the other pirates you’ve encountered while assisting the Crimson Fleet in Starfield. When you reach the end of the mission, the legacy is yours, and you’ll earn a 250,000 Credit cut for keeping it with the Fleet.

It is important to note that almost none of your companions from Constellation will approve of this choice. They will ask you what you were thinking when you made this decision, and there’s also the chance that if you have a low enough approval rating with them, they could leave your party, potentially forcing you to part ways with them. There is a chance you might be able to persuade them to stay, but that does not always work.

What Happens When the UC SysDef Gets Kryx’s Legacy in Starfield?

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Should you choose to take it to the UC SysDef, they are located in the Sagan system, to the west of Kryx. There, you’ll meet up with the UC Vigilance and provide them with Kryx’s Legacy, preventing the Crimson Fleet from recovering the money, likely destroying them. But you’ll have to assist the UC Vigilance and take out the many ships defending The Key in Starfield.

The mission will play out the same, where you’re fighting in the Kryx system, but rather than siding with the pirates, you’re on the side of the UC SysDef. You’ll also be battling the pirates on The Key Station. If you helped any pirates or gave evidence to the SysDef during the many missions for the Crimson Fleet, those stories will play out. Such as named characters and their ships making appearances against you, or if you give evidence you’ll receive reinforcements. At the end of the mission, the Key station is removed from the Crimson Fleet, and they won’t be able to use it anymore, crushing their presence in the galaxy.

This is the universally preferred choice by many of your Constellation companions, and they will praise you on the hard choice you had to make with Kryx’s Legacy.

Should You Pick the Crimson Fleet or the UC SysDef in Starfield?

Between the two options, for my playthrough, I went with the Crimson Fleet and supported them. I felt that I had more to gain, as a character, than I would have with siding the UC SysDef for my Starfield playthrough. Destroying the Crimson Fleet destroys access to their mission boards, resources, and anything you’d usually get on that station.

I did not see this as a benefit, even though the Crimson Fleet appeared more in the galaxy after helping them; Kryx’s Legacy gives them additional resources that allow them to flourish, and the law won’t be able to keep them in check.