Starfield: How To Encounter Grandma

Grandmas are always wholesome.

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Throughout your journey in Starfield, you’ll come across various characters that can leave an impact on your space life. Some of these characters can be cool people who will become your friends, while some will try to harm and scam you. One such character is the Grandma, who seems to have a hold of a lot of home supplies and meals. However, many players have been unable to find her in the game. If you are in the same boat and wondering how to encounter Grandma in Starfield, refer to the guide below.

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How to find Grandma in Starfield

Unfortunately, Grandma is a random encounter in Starfield, so you cannot do anything specific in order to trigger the event. However, rest assured if you are playing the game regularly, you are bound to encounter Grandma sooner or later.

Is Grandma Hostile in Starfield

Another question that many players have in mind is if the Grandma is a safe character to encounter since you do get characters in the game that are there to harm you. In case anyone is wondering, it’s safe to visit Grandma’s ship in Starfield. As mentioned before, her spaceship will visit you at random, and when it does, you’ll hear an unknown voice inviting you over. No need to fear as it is the voice of Grandma inviting you to her spaceship for a hot meal.

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Once you indulge in conversation with Grandma, she will tell you about her life’s story and how she is a solo traveler and free spirit who is enjoying her retirement life. You also get to know about her family history and her partner, who has passed away. After the conversations end, she will offer you home home-cooked meal. You’ll find that her spaceship is full of home-cooked food and other various items that will be a great aid in your journey. You are free to collect these items from her ship.