Starfield: How to Get Acid Rain

Acid Rain is a unique Grendel variant in Starfield that makes short work of anything players attack using it, but it takes some work to get.


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Players are practically showered with weapons in Starfield. They can be picked up from dead enemies, vendors, or looted from the thousands of containers across the galaxy. However, there’s one set of weapons that are a cut above the rest. Unique, named weapon variants.

Among the named weapons in Starfield is Acid Rain. This corrosive firearm makes short work of enemy armor and is generally unpleasant to be shot with. Players can pick it up early in the game if they’re smart, but the path is hidden unless they explore thoroughly.

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How to Get Acid Rain in Starfield

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To get Acid Rain in Starfield, players need to complete the A Shipment for Salinas quest. This quest is simple to pick up. Players just need to visit Apex Electronics in the Well in New Atlantis, located along the main promenade of stores on the main floor.

Inside Apex Electronics, players will notice a man called Vincente Salinas sitting on a stool. By speaking to him, players can trigger the A Shipment for Salinas quest. The mission requires players to visit Red Mile and pick up a package before delivering it back to him.

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While at Red Mile, players can take on The Red Mile quest, but it’s not necessary for those only wanting to get their hands on Acid Rain. After picking up the package, which is behind a few containers outside the Red Mile itself, players can zip right back to Salinas and deliver it. This will unlock his secret store within Apex Electronics.

Now that the quest is complete, players can purchase Acid Rain from Salinas. It’s one of a few interesting weapons in a long list of lethal tools of destruction, but it stood out to us as the best of the best he had to offer.

Acid Rain Stats in Starfield

Acid Rain’s stats are truly a sight to behold. It’s a valuable weapon worth around 9,000 Credits, depending on which vendors are offering to buy it, but the stats are so great that no one will want to get rid of it. See below for a full list of everything this weapon packs in.

  • Phys: 3
  • Ammo: 7.77MM, Mag: 50, Rounds: 154
  • Fire Rate: 170, Range: 22, Accuracy: 70.3%
  • Mass: 2.40, Value: 9,079, Mods: 5/8
  • Corrosive: Randomly deals corrosive damage and reduces the targets’ armor over 6 seconds.
  • Mods: Short Barrel, Laser Sight, Compensator, Tactical Grip, High Velocity.

What is Acid Rain in Starfield

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Acid Rain is a variant of the Grendel weapon. It’s an automatic firearm that can take a clip of 50 bullets and pummel an enemy with all of them in a mere matter of seconds. It’s perfect for dealing with enemies that are packing a lot of armor or have high resistance to damage. The damage over time factor that this gun packs into every shot will obliterate any health pool.