Starfield: How to Sell Ships

Finding a buyer for your ship can be tough in Starfield, but this guide shows you where you need to go and who’s willing to purchase them.

There are hundreds of ships you can find while exploring the galaxy in Starfield, and if you’re careful, you can steal enemy ships to make them yours without spending many credits. If you make them yours, they can become your primary ship, or they can join your fleet of growing ships. There might be some that you’re not using anymore, and you may want to try selling them.

Not every location will allow you to sell your ships to them, and tracking down the specific vendors can take some time. Here’s what you need to know about how you can sell your ships in Starfield.

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Where to Sell Ships in Starfield

It all comes down to speaking with a Starship vendor. These vendors are typically going to be offering ships, not merely ship modifications. For example, you’ll know you’re at the appropriate ship-selling vendor when they’re directly offering larger vessels, which require a lot of credits for you to acquire them. I found one at Polvo in Hopetown, where there’s a Hope Tech merchant you can speak with.

After asking to see their ship collection, there will be an option in this menu where you can choose to sell to the ship vendor, similar to the other vendors or merchants you’ve encountered throughout Starfield. Rather than a complete list of every available item you have on your character showing up, there will be a list of every ship you have that you’ve captured. While playing Starfield, I had up to four vessels I could offer a vendor, but I’ve had others collect at least seven or more ships and could freely offer these ships to a vendor.

Similar to pricing options in Starfield, although a ship might have a significant value, the vendor will severely mark this price down. That means a ship valued at 70,000 credits or so might only sell for 5,000 to 10,000 at a vendor. However, you can increase this using the Social perk, Commerce. This perk will allow you to receive more money when you’re selling to vendors and pay less when you’re purchasing from them.

So long as you track down these select vendors, you can regularly sell any ship you’ve acquired in Starfield that you don’t plan to use. You don’t need access to multiple ships you don’t plan to use. I’ve found that seeking out the larger settlements in the Starfield galaxy yields the best results and has the most variety when selling starships I don’t need. For anyone who regularly steals ships from Bounty Hunters or Pirates, this is a great way to make money on top of the loot you find from selling items they had stowed on their vessel.