Starfield: How To Use A Boost Pack – Skills & Types Explained

The Boost Pack is a tool every character in Starfield can use, but there are some skills you need and there are several types you can equip.

The Boost Pack is a helpful piece of equipment your character can use in Starfield. It gives your character an added jump that can make traversing planets much easier. However, there are some notable things that the game does not tell you about Boost Packs, such as its skills and the unique types you can find.

There is a requirement to make sure you’ve unlocked the correct perks to activate your Boost Pack. Without those perks, you can’t use this backpack to its full advantage. On top of it, there are different types that you can use in Starfield. This guide covers how to use a Boost Pack, the skills, and every type of Boost Pack you can equip in Starfield.

How to Use a Jetpack in Starfield

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The way you use a Boost Pack is rather simple in Starfield. You can treat it like a helpful jetpack, where whenever you perform a jump, perform a second jump while you’re in the air, and your character’s Boost Pack will activate. Depending on the type of Boost Pack they’re using, the effects of this jump will vary, with the most basic Boost Packs giving you an additional jump, keeping you in the air longer.

Above your character’s health, a meter on the lower right section of your screen shows how much fuel is in your Boost Pack. Thankfully, you do not need to use any resources in Starfield to resupply a Boost Pack. Instead, you merely need to wait for the meter to fill back up before you can use it again, and you can use it at any time before it reaches full. It varies on the type of Boost Pack you’re using on your character, and you may want to swap them out based on your preferences.

Even though your character has a Boost Pack, they won’t be able to use it with specific Perks unlocked in Starfield. The perk you need to unlock is Boost Pack Training.

The Skills To Use a Boost Pack in Starfield

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Boost Pack Training is a perk you can find in the Tech tree on the far right of your Starfield main menu. You need to have at least one point in Boost Pack Training to activate it, even if you have the best one equipped on your character. You’ll receive all the benefits of wearing a Boost Pack, but you can’t activate it or gain the additional jump if your character doesn’t have the training. It’s a technical thing that you might miss out on in Starfield, and you want to make sure your character has every advantage possible.

Thankfully, the Boost Pack Training is on the top row of the Tech Perk Tree. So long as your character has at least one Skill Point free, they can unlock this Perk in Starfield and begin using their Boost Pack. Each additional Point spent on Boost Pack Training gives you more fuel to use, and you use less of it with each jump.

All Types of Boost Packs in Starfield

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There are four types of Boost Packs you can find in Starfield. You have the Basic, Balanced, Power, and Skip Capacity options.

  • The Basic gives you a simple jump, lifting you off the ground.
  • The Balance version provides a healthy boost upwards, allowing you to reach much higher lengths while you explore.
  • The Power Boost Pack skyrockets you upwards, using all the fuel you have in a single burst, giving you the largest jump available in Starfield.
  • The Skip Capacity boost pack doesn’t send you upward nearly as far as the other types. Instead, it boosts players forward while keeping the same level of elevation, as if skipping the player across the air like a rock on water.

For those who want a bit more control with their Boost Pack jumps, the Basic option is a great choice, followed by the Balanced Boost Pack. I’ve found that when exploring many of the planets in Starfield, the Balance Boost Pack is the one that provides more traversal movement, making it easy to explore an area. The Power one is nice for the stats, but I feel that the massive burst it gives off is too much power, and it’s not worth using because you’re always left waiting for the fuel to recharge.