Starfield: Locations Of Every Power & Temple In The Game

There are 24 different Temples to find and Powers to unlock in Starfield. Here is everything to know about finding them.


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The Power system in Starfield is, just like most of the systems in this game, a lot deeper than you might think. While the visuals (such as the UI) of the Powers menu may make it seem as if many Powers can’t fit, there are 24 vastly different supernatural abilities your Starborn can obtain.

However, actually traveling across the starfield itself, interacting with all sorts of missions or NPCs, and finding each of these Artifacts and their associated Temples through the Into the Unknown and then Power From Beyond Constellation line of missions is a daunting (and sometimes overly-convoluted) task.

All Power Types in Starfield

Below, we go over how the game points players toward the location of the different powers in Starfield, how each Artifact you find is linked to a specific Power, how some Powers are locked behind story progress, and how Temple locations work.

To start, here’s every Power and the Temple/Artifact linked to them:

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Power NamePower CostTemple Found & Linked Artifact
Personal Atmosphere45Temple Alpha
Gravity Wave25Temple Beta
Create Vacuum25Temple Gamma
Gravity Well45Temple Delta
Phased Time45Temple Epsilon
Grav Dash15Temple Zeta
Anti-Gravity Field45Temple Eta
Solar Flare25Temple Theta
Precognition35Temple Iota
Sunless Space35Temple Kappa
Eternal Harvest25Temple Lambda
Earthbound15Temple Mu
Creators’ Peace25Temple Nu
Supernova45Temple Xi
Void Form45Temple Omicron
Life Forced25Temple Pi
Moon Form35Temple Rho
Parallel Self45Temple Sigma
Reactive Shield35Temple Tau
Inner Demon35Temple Upsilon
Alien Reanimation35Temple Phi
Sense Star Stuff15Temple Chi
Elemental Pull25Temple Psi
Particle Beam15Temple Omega

Can You Get All 24 Powers During One Playthrough In Starfield

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There are a lot of different conflicting reports about finding all the powers in one run of Starfield. Despite the amount of content even one playthrough already includes, the game is designed to be played multiple times using the NG+ system. And, if you re-acquire the same powers in subsequent playthroughs, you’ll upgrade them each time you do so (up to a max of +10).

But, you’re probably having trouble getting Vladimir to hand out more Temple because you don’t have enough Artifacts for Vladimir to use to find the Temples linked to them. After anywhere between 10-20 locations are given out, Vladimir won’t have any more until you get past a main story mission called Revelation. This is because you only have access to a certain amount of Artifacts before the rest are locked behind story progress, choices during certain missions, or story mission completion.

To gain access to the entire encyclopedia of Temple locations, you’re going to need all 24 Artifacts. While avoiding spoilers, let’s just say that this won’t be until after the penultimate battle related to the Revelations mission.

At the very end of this mission, you’ll have the option to hop into NG+ using the Armillary. But, if you stop here, take the Armillary apart, and head back to Vladimir, he should steadily give you the remaining locations using the Artifacts you will have gathered from other areas or other Starborn throughout these story missions (depending on the choices you made).

It’s confusing, convoluted, and a bit buggy in general, but players can get all 24 Powers in one playthrough. It just takes a lot of work, an understanding of the Artifact/Temple system, and a bit of luck, which is why a lot of players are having trouble getting it done.

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Are Artifacts, Powers, & Temple Locations Randomized?

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As a final note, a large portion of the Starfield player base has been confused about exactly how the Powers are handed out. Will two players find the same Power in the same Temple on the same planet? Does Vladimir hand them out in the same order every time? As this is a Bethesda game, there’s no 100% answer for any of these since bugs and glitches are almost always a certainty.

However, the intended design seems to be that the Power that’s linked to a specific Artifact will always be in that associated Temple (such as the Anti-Gravity Field Power being linked to Artifact Eta). Elemental Pull will always be in Temple Psi; Reactive Shield will always be in Temple Tau, and so on. But, these temples’ actual System, Planet, and precise location will vary from playthrough to playthrough.

When you start a new playthrough, all the temples that aren’t tied to specific locations for story reasons are randomly spread around a collection of different planets. It seems as if the game has a large number of possible spawns the Temples can have, and when a playthrough starts, it picks which Temples will be active and where. Between dedicated players trying to figure this out and other sources trying to create a database of Starfield info, the list of possible locations for these Temples includes:

  • Altair IV-C
  • Anatharum
  • Araneae I
  • Bessel II-B
  • Bessel III-B
  • Bolivar I
  • Copernicus II
  • Dionysus
  • Feynmann I
  • Gunibuu VI-D
  • Heisenberg V-A
  • Hillex
  • Hyla VIII-D
  • Indum II
  • Khayyam II
  • Luytens Rock
  • Masada III
  • Ourea
  • Piazzi II
  • Piazzi IV-C
  • Procyon III
  • Procyon IV
  • Procyon VI-C
  • Procyon-B I
  • Rasalhague II
  • Shrodinger VI-C
  • Skink
  • Sparta IV
  • Tau Ceti III
  • Ternion V-A
  • Vol II Epsilon
  • Vol III Epsilon
  • Washakie
  • Zelazny I

However, keep in mind that if you don’t have the associated Artifact for a Temple, you’re not going to find it; they just won’t be there until you have that Artifact in your possession or at Constellation.