Starfield Operation Starseed: Should You Reveal Wyatt’s True Identity?

Find out the consequences of revealing Wyatts true identity to Roosevelt, Amanirena and Genghis Khan in Starfield.

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Starfield’s Operation Starseed revives some of the world’s most iconic figures, like Roosevelt and Ada Lovelace, in the form of clones. In this museum of living and breathing icons, Wyatt Earp, the famed frontiersman of the Wild West, unveils a shocking secret: He’s none other than H.H. Holmes, a notorious American con artist and serial killer in disguise.

Holmes, in his crafty nature, assumes the Wyatt Earp persona to evade trouble. Once you uncover his true identity and persuade your way out of the conversation, there is an option to rat him out.

Should You Reveal Wyatt is H. H. Holmes to the Crucible in Starfield?

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The answer to this question mainly depends on who you reveal Wyatt’s identity to.

Revealing Wyatt’s Identity to Franklin D. Roosevelt won’t have any consequences. Roosevelt believes he should not be held accountable by our ancient history but by our current actions. As such, he’ll let Wyatt’s past as a serial killer slide as long as he remains a good-hearted citizen in the present.

However, if Amanirena finds out that Wyatt is a serial killer, she will believe he is guilty. According to her, our past lives with us, and H. H. Holmes poses too much of a threat to her future Crucible.

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Genghis Khan unsurprisingly won’t bat an eye at having a serial killer among his ranks. He states that he is “no more responsible for his ancestors” than Genghis is for his own.

The only action that truly has consequences is revealing Wyatt’s identity to Amanirena, as she will decide to put him down quietly but surely. Though Wyatt doesn’t play a vital role in the Operation Starseed side quest unfolding, this missable activity offers a glimpse of how each potential leader would handle certain situations. This knowledge will come in handy to decide who among these iconic historical figures should rule The Crucible in Starfield.