Starfield Operation Starseed: Should You Choose FDR or Amanirenas as Super Admin?

Finding a clone of president Roosevelt wasn’t in my Starfield bingo card, but Operation Starseed demands a decision between him and Amanirenas.

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In a remote corner of the galaxy, a plot more deserving of a TV show than Westworld emerges in Starfield with the Operation Starseed sidequest. After landing in Charybdis III and speaking to the world’s most prominent and controversial historical figures, a choice is seamlessly deposited into your hands: who should be in charge? Normally, I’m clear on my allegiances come election time, but when the contenders are heavyweight champs like FDR and Queen Amairena, it’s a tough call.

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Starfield Operation Starseed: Reboot and Choose Franklin D. Roosevelt as Super Admin

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Choosing Roosevelt means the clones in The Crucible will live and follow Roosevelt’s plan for growth. They will aim for change, but before that’s accomplished, the clones will remain in the Crucible for twenty years, cultivating, working, and governing for themselves until they are “worthy of going to the stars.”

Amanirenas won’t resent you for this choice. She’ll express that she’d have liked to see eye to eye with you, but perhaps with time, Roosevelt can be convinced to follow her strategy.

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Starfield Operation Starseed: Reboot and Choose Amanirenas as Super Admin

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Siding with Amanirenas means taking the Believer’s stance on what should happen on the Crucible. The Believers in the Crucible will work tirelessly to break the endless cycle of oppression and greed, bringing forth a golden age. Though she thinks they are ready now, she abides by Roosevelt’s 20-year agreement.

At the end of the day, the right choice is really based on who aligns more with your political preferences. If it helps you understand who would be a better governor, it’s always nice to see how each would handle the Wyatt situation.

Whether you choose to side with FDR or Amanirenas in Starfield’s Operation Starseed, the reward will be 6000 credits added to your wallet.