Starfield Operation Starseed: Should You Reboot or Cleanse the Crucible?

Explore all the outcomes in Starfield’s Operation Starseed and decide the best fate for the world’s most famous and infamous leaders.

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Operation Starseed is a Starfield side quest introducing you to Franklin D. Roosevelt, Ada Lovelace, Amelia Einheart, and Khan Gengis. Worst of all, it has you, a regular level 40-something space explorer, decide the fate of them all. The future of the Crucible and all the historical figures living in it is in your hands. Yes, the very ones that often and clumsily crash into space asteroids and anxiously fumble for the dock button before crashing into a ship. In Operation Starseed, it all comes down to one choice: Should you reboot or initiate a full project cleanse in Starfield?

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Starfield Operation Starseed: Reboot and Restore Current Mission Parameters

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Restoring the parameters in Operation Starseed maintains the status quo in The Crucible. The clones will still be trapped in the Crucible, and there is no significant change in the quest’s outcome. This choice prioritizes the preservation of the existing situation over potentially risky alterations. Sure, it’s safe, but it would leave me wondering what could have happened with the Crucible had I been bold enough to lead them into a brighter future. The reward for choosing this ending is 3000 credits

Starfield Operation Starseed: Reboot and Choose a New Super-Admin

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Choosing to reboot with new leadership options injects excitement into the mission. This opens up the chance to select a Super-Admin from historical figures like FDR, Amanirenas, or Genghis Khan, each with their unique leadership style. This choice introduces novelty and diversifies the narrative.

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After making the choice, head back to the Crucible to get one last chat with the chosen leader and the unchosen one if you’ve got a death wish. You earn a generous reward of 6000 credits

Starfield Operation Starseed: Initiate Full Project Cleanse

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This extreme choice leads to what would be considered a “bad ending.” All clones in the Crucible will be terminated, representing a ruthless resolution to the mission. The credit reward is lower, totaling 2000 credits

It’s a high-risk, morally challenging option that eradicates the clones but offers fewer credits. This decision embraces drastic measures and adds several historical figures to your headcount.