Starfield Surgical Strike: How to Get the VIP Card & Find Clues

Here’s how to get into the VIP room and find the clue’s about Maya’s whereabouts in Starfield.

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Starfield’s Surgical Strike is a Freestar Collective quest to track down Maya Cruz. After docking at the Clinic, we find that she is currently being treated at the clinic under an alias. Her actual whereabouts are revealed through sheer investigation or by using the Ranger Station Terminal: she’s hiding in the VIP wing under the name Catalina Riveras. Alas, to get there, a VIP card is necessary. You’d think being a space cop would get you more places, but as it turns out, you’ve still got limited access.

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How to Get the VIP Card in Starfield Surgical Strike

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There are two ways to get that VIP card: speak and persuade Titus Cassidy, the senior doctor in charge of that area, or digipick his save.

Titus Cassidy won’t break the rules for anyone, not even a Freestar Collective Deputy. Showing him a badge really does nothing. One way to convince him is to have the Medical skills unlocked, leading to him acknowledging you as a “colleague.” Another one is to pass a persuasion check, which is six slots in three turns.

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If the persuasion check fails and medicine isn’t your forté, lockpicking is what you can go with. Head to his office and use a digipick to open the safe. Inside lies the VIP Wing Card. Before walking past the VIP room door, prepare for some incoming gunfire.

Starfield: How to Search for Clues in Surgical Strike

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It seems Maya Cruz has fled the scene, but she left more than just explosive traps behind. At this point, the quest objective will change to “search for clues.” It’s a vague objective that made me get stuck myself.

Near the hospital bed is a table with a letter that says URGENT – READ IMMEDIATELY. Read it to find out where Maya may have fled to and progress with the Surgical Strike questline,