Starfield: The Best Starting Backgrounds & Traits

Your character has to select a starting Background and Trait before they can truly begin their Starfield journey.

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When you’re first making your character in Starfield, the creation process can take a bit of time. There are several appearance choices you can cycle through, but the truly difficult choices come down to the Background and Traits you can pick for your character.

Your character’s Background and Traits dictate certain choices and unique bonuses your character will receive throughout their story. The Background option gives you distinct dialogue options you won’t get on other playthroughs. These are some of the best starting Background and Traits for a Starfield character.

The Best Backgrounds in Starfield

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Your character’s Background choice in Starfield can be a difficult option. Not only do you begin with specific starting skills, but you also receive a unique background that allows you to unlock dialogue options during your Starifeld adventure. Your character can recall their time in this distinct profession, sometimes making it easier to deal with specific people they encounter, and they might even have the chance to bypass certain events, such as convincing someone with gambling debts to be more respectful to those they owe if you play as the Space Scoundrel.

These are some of the better starting Backgrounds you can pick for your character’s Starfield journey.

BackgroundBackground SkillsBackground Aspects
Bounty HunterBoost Pack Training
Targeting Control Systems
Your character has been hunting after criminals and wanted individuals for years, and it’s a great background if you want someone who knows how to handle themselves in a fight, and is a decent pilot.
Combat MedicMedicine
Pistol Certification
The combat medic is effective at not only healing themselves, but they’re also competent in combat. They’ve seen violence before, and they’ll know how to treat someone if anyone gets hurt.
Cyber RunnerTheft
A Cyber Runner in Starfield is someone who is interested in credits, having worked for large corporations on Neon and New Atlantis, and it’s perfect for someone who wants to know what the underbelly of these cities is like.
Starfield is all about exploring, and if your character is already an explorer, they’ll know what to do when they reach the far edges of space. As you stretch further away from the settled systems, your character will feel more at home.
Weight Lifting
Your character was interested in settling down away from the standard planets in the galaxy, and they know how to take care of themselves in an uninhabited world. They’d get along fine with the other places that have also set up away from the large cities and traditional planets.
Long HaulerBallistic Weapon Systems
Weight Lifting
The definition of a Space Trucker. You’ve hauled your gear from one side of the galaxy to another, taking care of large cargo holds and getting the job done. It’s a simple job, but everyone appreciates someone who knows where they’re going and they’re at the helm of a ship.
The Pilgrim is an excellent starting background for anyone who enjoys exploring and wandering around the edges of the space. You’ll have plenty of experience searching the edges of space and letting the stars take you away to places unknown.
Research Methods
The Professor background can be pretty strong for anyone who wants a more esteemed background and plans to conduct some research. You’ll have a unique dialogue when it comes to research, science, or any other useful technology you come across in your adventures in Starfield.
Boost Pack Training
Starfield is not an easy galaxy to live in, and there’s violence everywhere. The UC Marines and Freestar Collective have ended their way for each other, but you know what it’s like to be on the front lines, and you’re not afraid to share your history and what you went through.
Space ScoundrelPersuasion
Pistol Certification
For anyone who wants some experience with the criminal elements in Starfield, it’s a good idea to grab the Space Scoundrel background. You’ll get unique dialogue options regarding seedier elements in the game, especially when you talk with the Authorities or work alongside the pirates.

The Best Traits in Starfield

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Similar to the Background in Starfield, your starting traits make your character unique. These are traits that give them passive benefits and buffs throughout the game, but they can be removed. You’ll need to find a specific way to remove them from your character, especially if you don’t want their benefits anymore. However, it is permanent, and I don’t think you can add more traits in the future of your Starfield playthrough.

You might want to rethink any of your traits and plan out your playthrough. If there is a particular trait you don’t want to deal with in Starfield, picking another one might be a good choice. However, you can always remove a less desirable trait.

These are the best Traits you can pick for your character in Starfield.

TraitTrait Effects
Dream HomeThe Dream Home trait gives you a starting house at the beginning of the game. However, you do have to pay money towards it, 125,000 credits, but these are slow payments that you can choose to pay over time or all at once. For a starting house at the beginning of the game, it’s hard to beat this trait.
EmpathIf you plan to hang around your companions a lot for most of Starfield, doing things with the Empath trait will give you more points whenever you do anything they like. This is a great way to earn their unique missions and special bonuses as you progress the game.
Hero WorshippedYour character is a hero, and they have an adoring fan. You’ll get a free character that joins your crew, and they might be a bit annoying, but they’re great to have with you if you need another crew member to hold your stuff.
IntrovertFor anyone who doesn’t plan to take their companions with them everywhere, the Introvert trait gives you a bonus for going around the game alone. You might prefer this if you don’t like many of your crew or would rather they did work for you on outposts.
Kid StuffYour parents are on New Atlantis, and they’re thrilled to support you. You’ll have to send them small payments from your account every week, but it’s worth it, and they give you small benefits and rewards if you visit them on New Atlantis.
Serpent’s EmbraceIf you’re all about supporting the great Serpent in the space sky, you can become a devotee of this crazy religion. It’s a bit more unique than the other choices, and it can potentially lead down to some dangerous paths, but you also get a bonus if you find yourself jumping around in space while you’re exploring.
SpacedThe Spaced trait can be a little dangerous. Whenever you’re in space, you’ll receive a bonus to your Oxygen, but this goes away and is decreased if you’re on the surface of a planet.
TaskmasterFor anyone who plans to work their crew on their ship, the Taskmaster trait is a great way to get the most out of your crew. This trait shines as you add more companions, and acquire larger ships.
United Colonies Native or Freestar Collective SettlerThe UC is one of the larger factions in Starfield, and if you’re looking to join them, this is one of the better traits to grab. You can also grab one for the Freestar Collective if you’d rather go through that route, and both are good options.
WantedFinally, the Wanted trait is great, but it can become annoying. Your character starts with the Wanted status, and they’ll frequently be attacked by Bounty Hunters trying to take them down. If you level up your ship and get some good Perks associated with flying, this is a great trait to regularly take out ships, and level up your Piloting skill.