Starfield: The Almagest Jackpot Code & Computer Location

The Almagest is a pretty neat location in Starfield, but you can also win a few credits using a hidden jackpot code.

Starfield the almagest vault

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Almagest is a gambler’s dream. Situated in the vast openness of the Olympus system, this zero-g casino will have the credits floating out of its patron’s pockets. Sadly, the gimmicky tourist attraction has been overrun by spacers looking to make a quick buck.

At first float, this casino may just seem like a cool caveat offering little more than an entertaining space battle. However, with a bit of snooping on personal computers, players can discover a fairly lucrative jackpot combination to be entered on one of the machines.

The Almagest Jackpot Code Location in Starfield

starfield the almagest code location
Screenshot by Gamepur

The first step in securing The Almagest’s jackpot is locating the personal computer found in an office on the middle floor of the casino. It’s easy to locate as this floor only has one room you can enter. The “room” opposite this office is just a solid block.

It’s easier to navigate The Almagest after you’ve dealt with all of the spacers.

starfield the almagest code
Screenshot by Gamepur

The actual code is found inside a letter to Clarence on the PC. It’s titled Jackpot Combination. We aren’t sure if the combination is the same for every player, so you will have to find this email before collecting the jackpot. You will need to memorize this combination as the jackpot computer requires you to enter it manually.

The Almagest Jackpot Location in Starfield

starfield the almagest vault door
Screenshot by Gamepur

Now that you have the code, it’s time to get those sweet, sweet credits. As shown above, you’ll need to locate the giant vault door located on the bottom floor of one side of the casino. To enter the vault, you’ll need to find the small crawlspace to the bottom right of the circle.

Climb through the ducts until you find another computer that will ask you for the Jackpot Code. Enter it manually and then select dispense jackpot.

starfield the almagest vault computer
Screenshot by Gamepur

How many credits do you get? Well, we only got 3,200 credits. Not quite the jackpot we expected from a luxury casino, but the email to Clarence did say they needed to cut back on expenses. Regardless, you get a few thousand credits for minimal effort, and you can check off one of the galaxy’s many unique POIs.