Starfield Tourists Go Home: How to Keep the Monster Costume in New Homestead

Starfield players may spend a lot of time hunting space aliens, but what if we told you there is a Monster Costume waiting to be worn?

starfield monster costume

Screenshot by Gamepur

Bethesda is known to put some silly outfits in their games, especially in their massive open-world RPGs like Fallout. And Starfield is no exception, offering players a ridiculous space alien monster costume as a reward for an equally absurd quest.

Dr. Giuliana Lakota on the Titan colony of New Homestead is sick of tourists and needs your help dealing with them. When you first show up at New Homestead, she can be seen talking to a tour guide before angrily stomping off. You can find her in her medical bay in New Homestead and talk with her to start the Tourists Go Home questline.

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How to Keep the Monster Costume in Starfield

starfield lakota monster costume

When you start the quest, Lakota will give you the Monster Costume, which she claims was supposed to be a Tardigrade used as the mascot for a secondary school. You’ll need to wear the outfit and go scare some tourists before reporting back to her.

However, when you return, she will take the Monster Costume before promising to let you keep it if you help her out again. So, there are two methods you can use to keep the Monster Costume:

  1. Don’t report back to Dr. Lakota
  2. Help Dr. Lakota Two More Times (Three times total)

Note, you won’t be able to complete these quests back to back like some others. Instead, you’ll need to let a few days pass between each mission. This can be done naturally by exploring the galaxy and checking back later, but you can also just sit in the chair behind Lakota and wait for 72+ hours. It’s up to you.

starfield monster cosume
Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you’ve completed the quest a third time, Dr. Lakota will give you a brand new Monster Costume she claims to have found in storage. And while the suit is quite hilarious, its stats are terrible, making it very much a gimmicky costume at best.