Starfield Unearthed: All Slate Locations at Nova Galactic Research Station

While visiting the Nova Galatic Research Station on Luna, Starfield players can find six optional slates around the Moon Base.

starfield dataslate

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So you’ve met The Emissary, and she’s directed you toward more answers to your bottomless barrel of questions. And your next stop on the path to enlightenment is the Nova Galactic Research Station on Earth’s moon, Luna.

The base mission for the research station is pretty straightforward. You go to the base, look at a computer, listen to a recording, and leave. However, there is a secret secondary objective that allows you to peer into the lives of those who lived at the base while it was still active. Here is where to find all the Nova Galactic Research Station slates during the Unearthed quest.

Nova Galactic Slate 1 Location

starfield nova galactic slate 1
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The first Moon Base slate is located on a beige crate directly in front of the player when they walk through a set of double doors in the Nova Galactic base. The doors are located on the wall opposite the Nova Galactic Research computer you have to access for the main quest.

Nova Galactic Slate 2 Location

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The second Moon Base slate is located in a Slate Holder on the desk adjacent to the one with the Nova Galactic Research computer. If you are at the computer, turn 180 degrees, and you will find the slate holder on the edge of the desk nearest the wall.

Nova Galactic Slate 3 Location

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Starfield’s third Moon Base slate is located in the same room as the first slate. When you first enter through the double doors, swing a right, and the slate is sitting in a slate stand inside the first locker.

Nova Galactic Slate 4 Location

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The fourth slate is located inside one of the dorms in the base’s common area. It’s in the left-most dorm; the doors should already be open. The slate is sitting on a slate stand on the desk to the right of the bed.

Nova Galactic Slate 5 Location

starfield nova galactic slate 5
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From slate four, you can find Moon Base slate five in the kitchen to the right of the dorms. The slate holder is sitting next to a toaster oven, and slate five can be found placed neatly inside.

Nova Galactic Slate 6 Location

starfield nova galactic slate 6
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Last but not least, Moon Base slate six is found in a slate stand on a desk upstairs. The upstairs balcony is relatively small, so it shouldn’t be hard to find. There are two stairways in the Nova Galactic base, and they both lead to the same place. You can also just jump up to the balcony seeing as the gravity is pretty low.