How To Destroy Plague Hearts & Where To Find Them In State of Decay 2

Plague Hearts are very important to destroy in State of Decay 2. Destroying Plague hearts help you go to a different town and progress in the game. With each Plague heart, you destroy the other Plague heart get stronger. Plague hearts are mostly inside buildings so finding them makes them a little tricky, though they can be found on your map with a red skull icon. By helping out other communities will help you finding out Plague Hearts Location. Strategically deciding on how you approach on destroying a Plague Hearts is a key factor in the game. In this Guide will help you destroy Plague hearts with ease.

State of Decay 2 Destroy Plague Heart

How To Destroy Plague Heart

Where to find Plague Hearts?

To find Plague Hearts look out for Red-eyed Zombies in large numbers roaming around. This will indicate a Plague Heart nearby. This will be also reflected on your map once you discover it.

How to Destroy Plague Hearts?

Using melee weapons on plague hearts aren’t advisable, rather use bombs to destroy them. Melee weapons cause very less damage compared to bombs. Using melee weapons will drain your stamina and when the zombies come to protect it you will be overwhelmed very quickly. So, we advise you to take your car and start beeping outside, By doing this you will attract all the zombies. Get them in a pack and then you can run them over with your car. Pick up all blood plague that they drop and head to the plague heart.

Now with most of the zombies dead. You can either shoot the Plague Heart or throw explosives, which will cause more damage. Molotov cocktails or soda bombs are another handy and easy-to-craft alternative in State of Decay 2 which can be made at the workshop at your base

These are one of the ways to destroy Plague Hearts and where to find them in State of Decay 2. If you can any other suggestions, please let us know in the comments below. For more tips, tricks, and handy guides for State of Decay 2, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki.