A New Home & Healing The Sick Walkthrough – State of Decay 2

Once you are at the location you picked in the previous chapter, you will be playing different objectives to set up a safe place. In the first objective in A New Home, you will have to visit a Cell Tow to unlock all objectives on the map of that specific area. This will reveal buildings where you can scavenge materials, check post, vehicle locations, etc. You will be establishing the first Outpost with Infirmary to heal your wounded friend. In the next chapter Healing the Sick you will have to scavenge items to set up an Infirmary at the safe house. This is a place where wounded allies will be treated, you can use the house safe, truck trunk and your backpack to scavenge items.

State of Decay 3 Chapter 2 Walkthrough

A New Home Walkthrough

Locate potential home:

Avoid making any noises, like breaking doors you can call up a few enemies. Follow the map marker to reach a place where you can establish your base. As you kill the zombies your Fighting rate will keep on improving. look on the backside of an old car for some bandage. On the right of the car, there is a tent where you can gather following items, Hand Drill Press, Box of Seeds, Case of Honey and Energy Drink. You can mark this place as a potential Food Outpost, that will offer you some food supply once in a day. You can switch your characters at this place and you can also use a supply locker here. But to mark this as a Food Outpost you will require 300 stars. On the right side of camp, there is a white gas can, you can gather Consumable – Refuel Vehicle from here. If you go on foot all the way to the marker you will improve your cardio ratings, but you can also take the truck, now because you have to the fuel.

State of Decay Chapter 2 Walkthrough

You can use place a lot of items on the backside of the truck, this will help you to empty your backpack a bit and you can easily more items. Once you start driving you will see the full bar on the top left, so it is limited it is logical to get back to the gas tank and get some more fuel. It will help you while returning. The location is a house, once you open the main door you will see a tutorial on the screen to secure the building. It starts by exploring each room marked on the mini-map and clearing all the zombies around. Once you clear it no more zombies will spawn at this location.

Secure the Building: Justineau House:

There are six areas in the house you will have to explore, you will have to kill the horde of zombies. Don’t rush in, stay at a distance and ample of them will come running towards you. There is a door on the right side of the house, go out and then go upstairs. Once done interact with the flag icon to claim the building. After establishing it as your base you can use the supply locker to store your items. You can empty your backpack and truck inventory for future resources.

Healing the Sick Walkthrough

Locate potential home & Locate Cell Tower:

After claiming the building go and talk to the doctor, you will get a direction to locate a cell tower so that you can survey the area in detail. The game also has a Radio section, you can access it on PC by hitting the 0 key. This will help you to locate info from other survivors. It has sections like Call for Help, Volunteer, Medical Advice, Find Resources/People and Stuck?. Some are free while using some will cost stars, for example, if you need to Locate Medicine under Find Resources pay 35 Influence and get locations on the map for areas to survey to gather medicines. So this is one thing you can do, for the primary goal just reach the cell tower.

Survey 3 sites that might have material:

State of Decay 2 Chapter 2 Guide

The Cell Tower will unlock location icon on the map, you can examine the icons for scavenging. There will be question marks all around, you have to survey them one by one to locate three potential sites for material to scavenge. While surveying tries to survey all the question marks for various new things like buildings, checkpoints, gallery, new outpost, vehicles, etc. After surveying, you will have to start scavenging but before look on the corner of a tower for a small chest, you will get parts, M17 ranged pistol and some ammo. Go down and look on the right for an open garage that has a wooden storage. You can collect, Set of Landscaping Supplies and Water Cooler from it. The first one is a Rucksack – Material Resource that can be used to place Pavers, fencing materials, etc. Look for a parked truck inside the garage, it will give you around 5 items they are MK3 Pistol, Tire Iron, ammo, and Painkillers. The last garage on the end has a wooden case, collect Roll of Firecrackers from it. Outside look for an old truck on your right, you can get Pack of Cheap Smokes and Pile of Weapon Remains from the back.

Scavenge nearby buildings for a rucksack of materials:

State of Decay Chapter 2 Guide

After having all the materials you have to return to the safe house to deposit the items to a storage facility. Skills and Advance Facilities section will appear where you can build simple facilities like Infirmary. The next objective is to construct Infirmary, open the base screen to construct it in the backyard. Before the construction is ready you can scavenge for more supplies at the same place near a cell tower. Once the contraction over open the base screen and click the Infirmary and under action select Stabilize Blood Plague. Pick your friend who is was bitten by zombies. The Blood Plague Victims requires to stay at Infirmary and you have to bring the cure to save their lives, or else you have to kill them so that they won’t infect others.

This completes Healing the Sick part of State of Decay 2, you can read our walkthrough on the next chapter Friendly Neighbor or you can also refer our State of Decay 2 Wiki for more guides on the game.