Welcome To Camp Osprey Walkthrough - State of Decay 2

State Of Decay 2 is a survival game where you will be fighting to live in zombie infested world. At the start, you will learn an about controls, weapons, stealth-kill, scavenging items, etc. The co-op mode of this game allows you to play with other AI characters or you can play with your friends also.

Welcome To Camp Osprey Walkthrough

Welcome To Camp Osprey

At the beginning pick your character's to play there will be two of them at the start and more will join letter. These are random ones, so probably not all players will get the same duo. Look the character stats properly, some have good fight ratings, while some are good in mechanics or shooting. So pick a character that can give you a bit of everything, as this will be a co-op gameplay so the secondary character must be good into something. State of Decay 2 is more about scavenging various items, building a base, helping team members to increase your survival chances.

Enter the refugee camp:

The first part is more like a prologue mission where you will learn the basic controls to attack, search for items, stealth kill, etc. Once you are in the camp one zombie will attack you, you can kill it with your first, for weapons you have to take care when they turn yellow. It will break after that. Look on the bottom right of the screen.

Welcome To Camp Osprey Walkthrough

On your left near a red drum, you will get a bandage,  a consumable to restore health, plus you will see the inventory screen for the first time. Go bit ahead cross the green tent on your left and look ahead for a table with chest, it will give you Bag of Snacks, a consumable to restore stamina. This chest glows in white color, so you can easily spot them.

Search the refugee camp for Supplies:

Welcome To Camp Osprey Walkthrough

Keep walking ahead till you see a fat zombie ahead, look on your right for a red cabinet, it will give you a new weapon if you had broken your bat. You will have to check each and every chest in your path to get consumables. Enter the area with Civilian Services written on top of it.

Move deeper into the abandoned camp to search for supplies:

Take the door on the right end, you will have to return to help your friend you will be attacked and bitten. Go to the question mark icon marked on the map on the bottom left of the screen. You will be in a house where you will get a Machete, in a chest on the right of the red cabinet. Gather it and exit from the back door, next kill a few zombies in stealth mode and meet the soldier on the top of a building.

Find the Doctor at S&B restaurant:

You will spot the doctor just ahead as you go down and take the path on the right end. In the morgue look on the left corner for Plague Samples. Return to the doctor. After the conversation, the doctor will ask you to shoot the zombie in the cage and so you get a gun. Shoot the zombie and talk to the soldier outside. There will be three location choices, it does not matter what you pick you will play common objectives. So pick anyone, here we will go with the town in the Foothills. Drive the truck to escape the camp. Follow the minimap to reach your next destination.

 This completes the first part of State of Decay 2, you can read our walkthrough on the next chapter A New Home & Healing the Sick or you can also refer our State of Decay 2 Wiki for more guides on the game.