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Stellaris Ascension Perks Tier List (August 2023)

While enjoying your time in the stars in Stellaris, please remember to buckle your seat belt, check all perks, and fly safely.

Space is making a comeback this year with releases such as System Shock and the upcoming Starfield. For those interested in a more bird’s eye view, Stellaris is still here to satisfy that intergalactic domination fetish. Like most games in the 4X genre, there are plenty of ways to build your empire as you look to acquire more skills for your leaders. Together, we’ll look at the best perks for aspiring space warlords while keeping everything in a nice tidy list for rookie commanders.

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The Best Ascension Perks

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Tier SColossus Project (Apocalypse DLC), Defender of The Galaxy, Become The Crisis (Nemesis DLC), Mind Over Matter (Utopia DLC), Technological Ascendancy, One Vision, Executive Vigor, Universal Transactions
Tier AArcology Project (Megacorp DLC), Galactic Contender, Master Builders (Utopia DLC), The Flesh is Weak(Utopia DLC) , Shared Destiny, Engineered Evolution (Utopia DLC), Voidborn (Utopia DLC)
Tier BXeno-Compatibility (Utopia DLC), Synthetic Evolution (Utopia DLC), Mastery of Nature, Galactic Force, Grasp the Void, Lord of War (Overlord DLC)
Tier CImperial Prerogative, Transcendent Learning, Eternal Vigilance, Enigmatic Engineering (Apocalypse DLC), Detox

Tier S Perks In Stellaris

When selecting S-Tier perks, the best word to describe them is speedy growth with more emphasis on growth bonuses. For example, Become The Crisis unlocks a large damage boost of up to 50% after following a strict list of requirements. These boosts are crucial for the endgame. Beginners should focus on these perks.

Tier A And Tier B Perks In Stellaris

These tiers are suitable for players looking to add a bit more of a wildcard to their gameplay. In this instance, Engineered Evolution is great for the Gene Seed unit, but it locks you into the genetics path. This makes the game harder due to the lack of flexibility. In the end, these are all good perks if you’re aware of the weaknesses of each one.

Tier C Perks In Stellaris

Tier C is the worst of the bunch, but in the hands of a veteran, it can be quite rewarding once you get into the flow of things. Take the Ascendant Learning perk, for example, it gives your commander a boost for the early game. This perk may seem useless at first due to how fast growth works in this game, but that early boost can be used to jump the curve faster than the other competitors, which can cause a snowball for later on.

Remember, some of these perks require DLC, so remember that when choosing the right perks for you. Also, certain perks have prerequisites, so read up on them as you plan out your strategy. Stellaris is a game about planning, and whether you succeed or fail is based on how well you connect the dots of galactic management. Feel free to experiment with different perks, as some may be better than others in certain situations.

We hope this list is helpful for all you governors out there. Managing a Galactic Empire is never easy, but crushing other empires en route to world domination is fun.

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