Street Fighter 6 – How To Unlock Cammy Alternate Costumes

Here’s how to unlock Cammy’s alternate classic costumes in Street Fighter 6 by either grinding World Tour or spending real money.

Image Via Capcom

Street Fighter 6 has provided all its familiar characters with brand-new looks and outfits, but some people long for the classic costumes, especially in the case of Cammy White. It’s possible to unlock her familiar outfit from the days of Super Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers, so long as you’re willing to work for it or drop some cash.

In a recent post on the official PlayStation website, the developers of Street Fighter 6 discussed the changes regarding Cammy’s outfit. She’s now wearing clothes reminiscent of a civilian outfit, as Shadaloo has been defeated, and she no longer needs to be dressed for combat. This means Cammy now has short hair, has removed her iconic braids, and is wearing pants for once.

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How To Unlock Cammy’s Alternate Costumes In Street Fighter 6

Cammy's Alt Costume Street Fighter 6
Image Via Capcom

Those who long for the days of Cammy’s old leotard can unlock it in Street Fighter 6. There are two methods for unlocking Cammy’s alternate costume: grinding the World Tour mode or paying for it, which is also true for the other fighters in the game, save for the player’s Avatar in the Battle Hub/World Tour modes.

To unlock Cammy’s Street Fighter 6 alternate costume in-game, you must play the World Tour mode and progress along the story until you meet Cammy. You will then unlock her as a Master, allowing you to use her fighting style for your Avatar. Switch to Cammy’s style and fight many battles to unlock her special moves and character interactions.

You also need to give her gifts to increase your Bond level, so you should save as many of the gifts you get in missions as possible, as it can be an arduous process to fill up the meter. Once you have maxed out Cammy’s Bond level, you will unlock her classic costume.

The quicker method for unlocking Cammy’s classic costume involves paying cash. If you purchase Street Fighter 6 Ultimate Edition or the Ultimate Pass, you will unlock all classic costumes immediately. You can also pay 50 Fighter Coins to unlock each costume, but this is the game’s premium currency, which costs real money.

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A single alternate costume is available for Cammy in Street Fighter 6, but that will likely change soon. Street Fighter 6 has a Battle Pass mechanic with all kinds of cosmetics and outfits for players to unlock, so Cammy will almost certainly have all kinds of costumes to wear in the future.