Strongest Ghost Types in Phasmophobia

Run, hide, hide some more.

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Since the original launch and popularity explosion of Phasmophobia tons of different changes have been made and quite a few new ghost types have been introduced into the game. Phasmophobia really does a fantastic job at giving ghosts unique traits and abilities that make each round feel unique and bone-chilling.

That being said, there are definitely some ghost types that are much scarier and aggressive toward the player than others, making some rounds harder than others. While some ghosts simply throw objects around, other ghosts want to hunt you from the very beginning. The scariest part is, you never know what you’re going to get, so stay sharp and look out for these ghosts.

5. Jinn

The Jinn is terrifying because it makes the player face the conundrum of playing in the dark by keeping the breaker box off or risking it and keeping the box on. If you decide to leave the breaker box on, the Jinn will have full access to its abilities. Not only this, but the Jinn can tear a team apart quite fast by using its sanity drain ability, which drains your sanity by 25% if you are within the Jinns range. Perhaps the most daunting ability is the Jinn’s speed boost. When you are spotted during a hunt, the Jinn will almost immediately close the distance to you.

If you suspect a Jinn is haunting your team, look for level 5 EMF readings, Freezing Temperatures, and Fingerprints to uncover the ghost and successfully escape.

4. Twins

What’s worse than one ghost? Two ghosts. The Twins will work together to scare and confuse even the most veteran ghost hunters. While one twin is roaming around causing havoc, another twin will practically always be in the ghost room, giving hints and clues. Where the Twins get scary is during haunts. There is a 50% chance of each twin haunting, so you’ll never immediately know where the haunt is coming from, and when you do, it might be too late.

While the twins might be hard to contain, they are pretty easy to identify. Look for level 5 EMF readings, Freezing Temperatures, and Spirit Box readings to unveil the Twins.

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3. Demon

The Demon is the most straightforward yet scary ghost in Phasmophobia. The Demon doesn’t have any standout abilities like the Twins, but it does have the element of surprise. Where other ghosts need players to meet the minimum threshold of 50% sanity to allow hunts, the Demon just requires 70%. Additionally, the Demon has the rare chance to begin a hunt at any time, regardless of sanity level.

While the Demon is definitely scary, it is easy to spot due to its 70% haunt ability, especially if someone is monitoring sanity levels in the van. Demons love to share their thoughts, so look for Ghost Writing, Freezing Temperatures, and Fingerprints to spot the Demon.

2. Raiju

The Raiju is a unique ghost that plays off things hunters rely on the most, electronics. When the Raiju is in range of any electronic equipment, the sanity threshold for hunting is increased from 50% to 65%, so be wary about using too many electronics. If a hunt does begin, the Raiju’s speed will increase dramatically when in range of any electronic equipment, whether on the ground or in your hand. So if you expect a Raiju is haunting your team, hide those electronics.

Raiju’s are hard ghosts to identify due to their lack of cooperation and how they play with electronics. That being said, setting up a Camera, DOTS Projector, and identifying a level 5 EMF reading early will help you significantly when it comes to unveiling the Raiju.

1. Revenant

When it comes to ghosts, nothing can beat the original. The Revenant is the worst nightmare of players everywhere and with its simple ability, you better have a good hiding spot. The Revenant is a ghost that travels at 0.5% speed of all the other ghosts until it spots you. When spotted, the Revenant will bolt to you at 2x the speed of any other ghost in the game, making it extremely hard to escape once spotted.

Widely considered the scariest ghost in the game, Revenants are difficult to beat. Your best bet is to find the ghost room quickly and set up all the necessary precautions. This includes a Ghost Book, Camera, and Thermometer. If you identify those three traits, get out as quickly as possible before the Revenant finds you.