How the Tarot Cards work in Phasmophobia – All Tarot Card effects

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The cursed items in Phasmophobia can be helpful to you and your ghost-hunting crew if you want to narrow down the ghost’s location or need help figuring out what type of ghost it is. The problem with these items is they come with a price, and the Tarot Cards could easily have the highest adverse effects of the cursed objects. This guide will detail how the Tarot Cards work and what they do in Phasmophobia.

All Tarot Cards and how they work in Phasmophobia

The Tarot Card is a deck of cards that contains 10 unique cards. Each card you use will generate a random effect, from forcing the ghost to interact with the object or causing the spirit to move around. They can also generate effects on your teammates, forcing them to experience supernatural activities they usually wouldn’t have to deal with. Like the other cursed items, they come with a negative effect whenever you use the Tarot Cards and can drain your sanity.

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There are 10 cards in a Tarot Card deck, and all effects are randomized. But they also come with highly negative consequences, such as forcing the ghost to attack, draining other members of your ghost-hunting team, or even a chance of a card causing a player to die.

These are the 10 cards you can draw from the deck and their effects.

  • Death: Triggers the ghost’s hunt
  • The Devil: Manifestation of the ghost
  • Fool: Appears as the previous card but then becomes The Fool and does nothing.
  • The Hanged Man: Kills you immediately
  • Hermit: Teleports the ghost back to its room, preventing ghost activity for one minute
  • Moon: Lowers everyone’s sanity to 0
  • The High Priestess: Resurrects a dead teammate. If no one is dead, the next person to die will come back to life
  • Sun: Increases everyone’s sanity to 100
  • Tower: Forces the ghost to do an activity in the house
  • Wheel of Fortune: If it burns red, you lose 25 sanity, if it burns green it grants you 25 sanity

The Tarot Cards are the largest risk-and-reward item in Phasmophobia, so we recommend using the cards sparingly during your game. Use them wisely.