Super Mario Maker 2 – How To Play Local Co-op


Super Mario Maker 2 has been out for just a few hours, but I already love it, and I will be playing with friends. I imagine other people want to do that too, but setting up local co-op takes a few steps. It is not well explained in the game either, so I have put together this guide to show you how to do it.

How To Play Local Co-op In Super Mario Maker 2

There are a few different steps to take when setting up a local co-op in Super Mario Maker 2, and you will need to go through Coursebot to get it working. Coursebot is where all you created and downloaded courses are stored. We will go through everything, including downloading a course, below:

  • Open up Courseworld and find a course you wish to play
  • Click download, then save it to an empty slot.
  • Hit the plus or minus buttons, then go to Coursebot.
  • Find the downloaded course under Downloaded Courses.
  • Select the Play Together tab on the right-hand side (It has four little faces on it).
  • Activate the controllers that you will be using.
  • Confirm the players to begin the course.

An important note here, you can split the Joycons when you are setting up the number of players. You’ll also be able to play multiplayer or co-op on any course from Courseworld, even if it is not marked as a multiplayer course.

Don’t forget to download plenty of courses from Courseworld, and store them in your Coursebot so that you always have courses to run with your friends! That’s it; you now know how to play local co-op in Super Mario Maker 2 with your friends.