Super Mario Maker 2 – Yamamura Story Mode Locations | How To Unlock Yamamura Shirt

In Super Mario Maker 2’s story mode, you will be working hard to build a new castle for Princess Peach. As you make the castle, new NPCs will show up, with new jobs for you to do. This is good news, as you need to finish jobs to get enough gold to build the castle. Yamamura can be hard to find, so in this article, we will run through the different places you can track them down.

Yamamura Story Mode Locations

Yamamura Location #1: West Hall Cannon

You can find Yamamura in the West Hall Cannon, after you have the West Hall Cannon installed, of course. When you get it built, go up to it and fire it to send Yamamura flying down to the path in front of the castle. When you talk to Yamamura, they will give you the Airship Flight job. Once you have finished the job, Yamamura will move to the next location.

Yamamura Location #2: East Hall Door

If you make your way to the East Hall door and go inside, once you leave again, Yamamura will appear in the doorway. This time they will have the Coin Collecting job. When completing the job, Yamamura will move to the last location.

Yamamura Location #3: Undodog’s House

The last place Yamamura will show up is in Undodog’s house. Just head for the house and interact with Undodog to have Yamamura appear. They will now have the Summer Shootout job, and when you finish this job, you will get the Yamamura Shirt for your Avatar.

Now you know where to find Yamamura in Super Mario Maker 2, and how to get their shirt! We have all kinds of guides that should help you out with Super Mario Maker 2. Maybe you want to know how to turn off comments while playing courses made by other players? We also have a guide that will guide you through what you need to know to play local co-op. We even have a list of the best player made courses to try on day one.