The best characters to use in Super Mario Party

Super Mario Party introduces a new way to play on Nintendo Switch by giving each character their own unique dice block.

Each character’s dice block comes with its fair share of risks and rewards. With Donkey Kong, for example, you can roll a 10, but you also have a 50-percent chance of getting a zero. It’s best to use these types of dice when you have nothing to lose, or when there’s a space that you don’t mind landing on again to get double the rewards.

Super Mario Party - Best Character To Use

Reddit user Trilerium made a Google Docs sheet to help players determine the best characters in the game. The list includes the average distance, variance, and other useful stats to assist you on your quest to greatness.

Best Character To Use In Super Mario Party

The document points out which characters allow you to get around the board as much as possible. The totals below are based on all moveable numbers divided by six. If a character gets coins instead of moving a space on one of their six sides, then some of the values are classified as zero to work out the medium.

The average distance of travel

  • Bowser: 4.67
  • Wario: 4
  • Boo: 4
  • Waluigi: 3.5
  • Mario: 3.5
  • Luigi: 3.5
  • Dry Bones: 3.5
  • Diddy Kong: 3.5
  • Bowser Jr.: 3.3
  • Shy Guy: 3.3
  • Pom Pom: 3.3
  • Peach: 3.3
  • Monty Mole: 3.3
  • Koopa: 3.3
  • Donkey Kong: 3.3
  • Daisy: 3.3
  • Yoshi: 3.17
  • Goomba: 3
  • Hammer Bro: 2.83
  • Rosalina: 2.83

If you’re trying to go far in Super Mario Party, you might want to risk taking Boo, Bowser, or Wario, who all have the best medium for traveling long distances around every board. Hammer Bro and Rosalina have the worst average distance of travel, however, so it’s probably best not use their unique dice if you choose them in a game.