What are Gems in Super Mario Party and how do you get them?

In Super Mario Party, the main goal of the game is to become the Superstar.

Super Mario Party Gems Guide

To reach this achievement, you need to collect each of the five Gems that are scattered across the multiple modes in the game. Gems are essentially the game’s version of a progression system. As you complete sections of the game, you’ll be given a Gem to signify that you’ve done everything in that particular mode.

Each mode has a host of objectives that you need to complete in order to unlock the Gem, but most of them are pretty straightforward. You can unlock each one by completing the objectives down below in the relevant game modes.


Mario Party: Gem of Tenacity

  • Come in first place in all four boards in Mario Party to get the Gem of Tenacity.

Sound Stage: Gem of Spirit

  • Get first in Normal, Remix, and Hard modes in Sound Stage to acquire the Gem of Spirit.

Challenge Road: Gem of Passion

  • Complete Challenge Mode to get the Gem of Passion.

Partner Party: Gem of Love

  • Come in first place in all four boards in Partner Party to get the Gem of Love.

River Survival: Gem of Courage

  • Go through every gate and reach all five unique exit points in River Survival to get the Gem of Courage.


After you get your last gem, a cutscene will play that will reveal player one’s character as the Superstar. You can then continue to play the game however you’d like.