How to unlock Master difficulty in Super Mario Party

Let’s say you’ve collected all of the gems, beaten all of the challenges, fought against Very Hard CPUs in single player, and unlocked four secret characters. What’s left to accomplish in-game for a Super Mario Party veteran?

Super Mario Party Unlock Master Difficulty

Well, did you know that there’s a difficulty level beyond Very Hard in the game just waiting to be found? Be careful though, this mode isn’t for the faint-hearted. If you plan to walk down this path, prepare to face some of the toughest CPUs around.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is Master difficulty.

How To Unlock Master Difficulty

To unlock it, you need to play a few games on Super Mario Party in any of the modes, usually with Very Hard CPUs. After a few games and victories, Kamek should appear on the right side of the overworld near the pipe to Toad’s Rec Room.

Talk to him and he’ll mention that he’s found a Minigame Master and that the character is ready to join the party. You then need to walk around the overworld until a CPU introduces themself as the Minigame Master. Add them to your party and Master difficulty will be unlocked. The CPU could be anyone, so be sure to ask everyone in sight.

To get a full party of Master difficulty CPUs, you need to exit the Party Plaza overworld and re-select your character. This will give you three types of NPCs to choose from at the gate.

If a Master difficulty team isn’t available, just shuffle the sets of teams until one appears and select the group. Then you can go off to play against these super-hard CPUs as often as you’d like.