How to unlock the four secret unlockable characters in Super Mario Party


Super Mario Party is finally here, bringing with it over a dozen characters from the Mario universe to face off against each other in hectic party actions.

For the Party enthusiasts out there, Nintendo has added four secret characters that can be unlocked in the game, each with their own unique dice and personalities. These characters aren’t unlocked just by playing games, however, and need to be acquired through specific methods.

Super Mario Party - Unlock Secret Characters

First, you need to find these characters in various game modes (specified below). After seeing the characters in specific game modes, you need to find them in the overworld and click on them. If you miss this chance, you can still unlock them through the overworld without having to complete certain actions, but they’ll appear randomly.

Unlock Secret Characters

The only way to unlock the characters instantly is to find them in the overworld as soon as you meet the criteria. You’ll then be able to select them at your leisure.

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong can be unlocked through the River Survival game mode.

You’ll catch him waving at you at the end of a course on the side of the finish line. You need to finish the map to unlock him. If you see him waving at a finish line but fail to get to the end before the timer stops, you sadly won’t unlock him and will be forced to play the mode again, hoping he appears again next time.

We unlocked him after getting our third unique exit.

unlock-donkey-kong-image-2.jpg unlock-donkey-kong-image-1.jpg

Diddy Kong

Diddy Kong is unlocked in Challenge Road.

You need to complete the Chestnut Forest part of the single-player mode to unlock him.

unlock-didi-kong-image-1.jpg unlock-didi-kong-image-2.jpg

Dry Bones

It’s unknown exactly how Dry Bones is unlocked at this time. We unlocked him after completing Ghostly Hollow on Challenge Road, the single-player mode in the game. But others have said that he’s just randomly popped up at times throughout the game.

We’ll update this section once we’re absolutely sure how he’s unlocked.

unlock-dry-bones-image-2.jpg unlock-dry-bones-image-1.jpg

Pom Pom

Pom Pom is unlocked in Challenge Road.

You need to complete the Salty Sea part of the single-player mode to unlock her.

unlock-pom-pom-image-2.jpg unlock-pom-pom-image-1.jpg