Unlock All Characters Within 2 Hours In Super Smash Bros Ultimate

 Unlock All Characters Within 2 Hours In Super Smash Bros Ultimate

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How to unlock all characters in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, is a big question. The game offers different ways to Unlock Characters, among all 74 playable fighters, 8 are available at the beginning. If you go with regular matches and battle with each one in a 10-minute round then it will take ages to unlock all. There are the fastest ways that will help you to unlock all the characters in less than 2 hours. In this guide, you can find different methods to Fastest Way to Unlock All Characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Fastest Way To Unlock All Locked Characters

How To Unlock New Characters Fast

Super Smash Bros Ultimate has around 74 playable fighters, and among them, 8 are available at the start, a path to unlock the remaining 63 is pretty long. In this guide, you will find tips on unlocking all the characters fast.

Reducing the Cooldown Round Time from long 10 Minutes to Fast 1 Minute.

You can reduce the battle round from 10-minute to 1-minute and fight with new challengers to unlock the new character faster in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

The multiplayer mode of the game offers you to fight with a new character under New Challenger part of the game. Whether you win or lose face the challenger once and do not start any other match.

  • Press the Home button on the Switch Controller to launch the Main Menu.
  • Press the X and Confirm to quit the game.
  • Launch the game once again and create a new Rule Set. Go with 1 Stock – 1.00, this will reduce the time instead of going with a 10-minute round.
  • Face the challenger and once you are done with the fight, after the stats menu there will be a new Challenger waiting for the next battle. Repeat the above process.
  • By following the above tips you can reduce the 10 minute cooldown time to almost a minute and unlocking the remaining 64 characters will cost you less than 2 hours compared to 11 hours if you follow the rules.

There are few more methods to unlock new characters like World Of Light and Regular Matches. The first one offers you an RPG-style battle, you can fight with different characters and earn Spirits and upgrades. You will have to rescue other characters which will unlock them for all other modes. In the second one Regular Matches, is the mode where you can apply the above tip of reducing the cooldown time.