Unlock Terminal & Find Hal Emmerich In Super Smash Bros Ultimate

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate has various obstacles and opening Terminal Gate is one of them. To unlock the gate you will need a Spirit’s help. In this guide you can find the exact way on How to Unlock the Terminal along with Hal Emmerich’s Location, and the Spirit you will need to hack the terminals.

Unlock Terminal & Hal Emmerich

How To Unlock Terminals

Terminals appear as a small panel in front of the gates, if you want to unlock it then just walk near the panel and press A to interact. This will unlock the front gate providing you access to the facility to unlock more.

Where To Find Hal Emmerich Spirit


In World Of Light mode, in the center of the map, you can see the wall. Walk over it and you will reach an urban region with a fountain in center. You will find two spirits in the entrance, Crusty Sean and Latias & Latios. They are near the gate, and once you are inside you will find Harriet, on her left is Hal Emmerich on the left. One the best landmark is the place where you find Wii Fit Trainer, just walk around the fountain to unlock the Spirit.

You have to defeat the Main Spirit to acquire Hal, once you interact the fight begins. The first phase of the fight will be on the ground below the tower, slowly you will find yourself fighting with opponents on a hovering platform. The fight ends on the top of the tower.

Hal Emmerich is an important Spirit that will help you later in the game, we also had a dedicated guide on Master Spirits that offers you access to hidden locations in Super Smash Bros. Unlimited.