The Surge 2 – How To Beat Little Johnny

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Little Johnny is the first major boss you run into in The Surge 2. You are asked to take care of him by his brother (family, right?). You need to make your way through Terminal Z, opening up all the shortcuts as you go, to give yourself an easy run from the Med Bay to the boss fight, because you might need it.

How To Beat Little Johnny

The first thing to do is know what you need to hit, and in what order. Little Johnny has three legs that make obvious targets but don’t go for these first.

Instead, you want to lock on to the coolant tanks under his chassis. Smash both of them before moving to his legs. While working on the coolant tanks chassis, you need to be careful as sometimes Little Johnny will stand upright and dump a large batch of coolant onto the ground that contains mines. These mines spread out in circles and are annoying. When it happens, move to a new part of the arena, and he follows you.

If you are having trouble hitting the coolant tanks, I strongly suggest using a long lance style weapon and using forward stabbing attacks, as they have a good range.

Once both of them are taken out, you can start working the legs. The trick here is to focus down one leg, and quickly dart in and out, as Little Johnny has a fast, erratic attack pattern with his legs. These attacks get triggered by incoming damage.

When you break a leg, it will start to leak a poisonous gas. You want to avoid that side while you work through the other legs. The gas is why we take out the coolant tanks first. Trying to take them out in a cloud of poison gas is a death sentence.

You need to watch out for an attack Little Johnny does where he flips onto his side and spews acid out in a cone attack. Don’t let this hit you. If you keep getting poisoned, make sure you equip the Antidote Injection Implant to cure the poison effect.

If you are struggling with this fight, you may have come here too early. Don’t be afraid to leave, explore Jericho more, upgrade to find new gear, and improve your rig. It’s not an easy fight at all if you get here too soon.

Mostly, you want to be patient, go for the coolant tanks first, then the legs, and find a good balance between building up your batteries to get heals, and no leaving yourself open to too much damage.