The Surge 2 – How To Get The EMP 44 Starfish

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As you make your way through The Surge 2’s Jericho, you will encounter locked doors with a strange device on the wall beside them. If you stand near them, you get told you need the EMP 44 Starfish to open them.

The EMP 44 Starfish is a type of drop that you can equip in your gear, using it near the doors will cause the drone to shoot an EMP at the device, disabling it and opening the door.

How To Get The EMP 44 Starfish

To get the EMP 44 Starfish you need to beat Little Johnny, a boss you meet in Terminal Z. First, you need to make your way to the Seaside Court. To do this, follow the canal down through the Downtown Jericho area, then cross the bridge and enter Seaside Court.

Go to the second floor and speak the Little Johnny brother, who allows you to head into Terminal Z in search of Little Johnny. Make your way through the area until you reach Terminal Z itself, then fight and kill little Johnny. If you need help with the fight, check out our useful guide. You should also take your time and fully farm the areas you are passing through before getting there. There are a lot of weapon, armor and implant upgrades you will need to get before you are strong enough to take on Little Johnny.

Once he is dead, you will have the EMP 44 Starfish, and you can open the locked doors. They can contain audio logs, chests, and even essential secrets to progress the story.