Teamfight Tactics – Common Builds | Assassins and Ninjas

Teamfight Tactics has really taken off since it arrived in the public mind. People are happily figuring out different powerful builds that they can go for to try and claim that number one spot in their matches. In this article we will run through the Assassins/Ninjas build, and why so many people are trying to play it right now.

Assassins And Ninjas Build

For this build you will be trying to get Akali, Evelyn, Katarina, Kha’zix, Kennen, Pyke, Shen, and Zed.

Assassins and Ninjas build is all about maximum damage output. It is also a difficult build to defend against, because Assassins start combat by jumping towards enemies, not moving across the board at them. This means that a weak back line can find itself exposed to terminal amounts of damage with no escape. For this build, you will be trying to get six Assassins, and 4 Ninjas. The relevant synergies are as follows:

  • 6 Assassins – critical strike damage of 350%
  • 4 Ninjas – attack damage for Ninjas increased by 60%

As you can see, this build really is all about tearing through your enemies as quickly as you can. You will want to focus on building up your Assassins first. Due to the way the Ninja perk works, it only benefits you to have either one of them, or four of them, on the board at any one time. As such, you want to be fielding Assassins, a single Ninja, and then bring out the other three Ninjas when you can get all four on the field.

It is a good idea to grab Zed as early as you can, because he fulfills both a Ninja and an Assassin role in your lineup, and he is actually pretty solid in the early game. Unless someone is also trying to build this way, there shouldn’t be much competition for him either, as other Assassins fill better spots in other builds.

This build really comes online in the late game, with the right items. It can be best to hold off on putting items on Champions until you get your hands on Akali, as you will be looking to get her to at least two-stars so she can be your main carry. An Infinity Edge is a great item for her if you can get the two B.F Swords you need to build it. It is always worth trying to put a Spear of Shojins on Pyke as well, if you get the chance.

You should also be very careful with your positioning of Shen. You want him to try and end up right in the center of your team after they all start combat and end up in their positions. Because the Assassins all jump to different targets, this can be difficult, but Shen really can help your team make it through scary moments with his Spirit’s Refuge.

The main thing about trying for this build is knowing when to abandon it if it is not coming together for you. A half built Assassin/Ninja comp is a sorry sight to behold, and it might be worth transitioning to something like Void/Assassin instead. You also need to watch out for people who will react to your build, and go for a very chunky Glacial build with a strong back line. This can shut down your build hard, as all the glacial procs severely reduce your damage and give them time to pick off your Champions.