Teamfight Tactics – Elements Cheat Sheet


Teamfight Tactics will be leaving beta with the 9.22 patch, and some significant changes will be coming to the game. The old Origins system is gone, replaced with Elements. They work primarily the same as Origins did, bestowing a buff that grows more powerful the more Champions with that Element are in your team. Read on to find out the specifics of each Element, and the benefits it gives you.

The Elements below are present in alphabetical order, with the Element name, the Champions that fall into that Element, and it’s buff.

Teamfight Tactics – Elements Cheat Sheet


Skarner, Taric, Ashe

  • Deploying multiple Crystal champions grants them a maximum limit to the amount of damage they can take from a single attack or ability hit.


Renekton, Sivir, Azir, Khazix

  • Deploying multiple Desert champions reduces the enemy team’s armor. The reduction increases if more Desert champions get used.


Ornn, Volibear, Zed

  • Deploying multiple Electric champions causes them to damage adjacent enemies whenever they critically strike or are critically struck.


Warwick, Volibear, Braum, Ezreal, Olaf

  • Deploying multiple Glacial champions grants their attacks a chance to stun their target, increasing with more Glacials.


Zyra, Diana, Varus, Qiyana, Kindred, Annie, Brand

  • Deploying multiple Inferno champions causes their abilities to temporarily ignite the ground beneath their targets, damaging enemies standing in the fire. Damage increases with more Inferno champions.


Nasus, Vayne, Jax, Aatrox, Soraka, Yorick

  • Deploying multiple Light champions causes them to, on death, heal other Light champions for a percentage of their max health and grant them attack speed for the remainder of the round (stacking with multiple Light champion deaths). Heal and attack speed increase with more Light champions.


Rek’Sai, Nocturne

  • Deploying multiple Steel champions causes them to briefly become immune to damage when they drop below 50% health.


Taliyah, Qiyana, Malphite

  • Deploying multiple Mountain champions grants a massive shield to a random ally at the start of combat.


Vladimir, Thresh, Syndra, Qiyana, Nautilus, Nami

  • Deploying multiple Ocean champions periodically grants allies mana. The amount increases with more Ocean champions.


Kog’Maw, Dr. Mundo, Twitch, Singed

  • Deploying multiple Poison champions causes their damaging attacks and abilities to increase the mana costs of their targets’ abilities.


Malzahar, Kindred, Veigar, Sion, Master Yi

  • Deploying multiple Shadow champions causes them to deal increased damage for the first few seconds of combat, as well as for a few seconds when they score a takedown. Deploying more Shadow champions causes all of them to deal increased damage when any of them score a takedown.


Yasuo, Qiyana, Janna

  • Deploying both Wind champions grants your team dodge chance.


Maokai, Ivern, Neeko, LeBlanc

  • Deploying multiple Woodland champions causes one of them to randomly create a clone of themselves (including items) at the start of combat.