Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Set 9.5 Horizonbound: New Items, Traits, Augments

Teamfight Tactics Set 9.5 has been revealed, and there’s a ton of Item changes coming in Runeterra Reforged: Horizonbound

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Teamfight Tactics Set 9 has flown by, and it’s nearly time for the mid-set revamp. Set 9.5 will juice up the current lineup of items, compositions, and Augments, aiming to bring some interesting new flavors to the beautiful medley of Runeterra Reforged. This particular update is interesting, as it will be TFT’s final mid-set update, as the concept is being retired prior to Set 10.

As always, these changes are quite expansive, and while we don’t know everything just yet, we’ve got confirmation on many changes coming down the pipeline. As Traits get added, others will get taken away, so cherish the time you have left with your current favorite comps.

Teamfight Tactics Set 9.5: New Mid-Set Traits

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The first significant change to look at is the updated Traits. We don’t know which ones are going away yet, but Deadeye and Shadow Isles may have gotten the boot. We do know the incoming Traits and their associated bonuses, though, and it seems some familiar faces are changing alliances with the addition of Vanquisher, Ixtal, and Bilgewater.

Trait EffectBreakpointUnits
VanquisherNatural Ability Crit w/ Bonus DMG, Extra Damage vs. Tanks2/4/6Jhin, Ashe, Nilah, Darius, Xayah
IxtalCreate elemental hexes each game that empower units. 1/2/3Milio, Qiyana, Neeko,
BilgewaterMark enemies with their attacks and abilities. Cannon shots hit marked enemies + amplify dmg. 3/5/7/9Illaoi, Graves, Twisted Fate, Nautilus, Miss Fortune, Nilah, Gangplank

Gangplank also has the Reaver King Trait, while Naafiri will carry Aatrox’s Darkin Trait, amplifying its effect for both characters when you field them. There will certainly be even more changes to the Units in existing sets, as the announcement blog teases that Aphelios has joined up with Zeri over in the Gunner class.

Teamfight Tactics Horizonbound Mid-Set update: Set 9.5 Units

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Bilgwater is bringing many new faces to the party on their own, with Gangplank leading the way as their trusty 5-Cost. Silco returns to the game after debuting in Set 6.5, and everyone’s favorite Fiora is back in the mix under the Challenger umbrella.

We don’t have ability details on every single unit just yet, but here’s every new face you’ll see in Set 9.5:

  • Milio
  • Qiyana
  • Neeko
  • Silco
  • Fiora
  • Naafiri
  • Illaoi
  • Graves
  • Twisted Fate
  • Nautilus
  • Miss Fortune
  • Nilah
  • Gangplank
  • Mordekaiser

We’re still waiting for confirmation about which units will be swapped, but Gwen is confirmed to be gone, and it’s quite possible Viego, Maokai, Kalista, and Senna are going with her.

Ixtal and Bilgewater Region Portals – TFT Set 9.5

Bilgewater and Ixtal are getting their own Region Portals, offering a whole new set of conditions for players to build around. There are six in total between the two settings.

RegionPortal NameEffect
IxtalSerpentine RiverNo Carousel round, vote for special bonus. Get a component anvil after each voting round.
IxtalIxaocanEach time players star up 20 units, all players gain increasingly valuable loot.
IxtalCardinal ArcologyAugments will always be Prismatic, Gold, and Silver
BilgewaterFinn’s MarketOn Round 3-7: Gain a Completed, Artifact, Support, or Radiant item.
BilgewaterSlaughter DocksGain free shop rerolls equal to the stage number plus 1 (only usable for one round.)
BilgewaterRat TownLucky Shops can appear randomly at the start of a round once per stage. Features units tailored to your army’s active traits.

New TFT Items & Changes: Artifacts, Support Items, More

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Items are by far the most significant focus of the mid-set. The entire system has been updated for clarity and efficiency, making the game exciting at every turn. Before we address all the new stuff, here’s a quick debriefing.

All of the items that players could build with components are now considered Core Items, Ornn’s Forge items are now called Artifacts, and a whole new class of items called Support Items are being added. Radiant Items are still around too and they’ll operate as stronger versions of the Core Items just like before.

Support Items are the big focus here, as we won’t be able to craft these. What is a Support Item? These are a mix of old Core Items and new additions that are meant to power up your team and unlock cool synergies between units but don’t give much power to their assigned holder – Chalice of Power, Zeke’s Herald, Locket of the Iron Solari, and Shroud of Stillness will all live under that designation.

Their removal from the loot pool is opening up space for new options, and we’ve detailed those below.

New ItemEffectComponentsReplaces
Adaptive HelmCombat Start: Gains stats based on starting position.
Front Two Rows: 15 AP and 25 Armor and MR.
Back Two Rows: 15 AP and gain 15 Mana every 3 seconds.
Tear of the Goddess, Negatron CloakChalice of Power
Nashor’s ToothAfter casting a spell, gain 40% Attack Speed for 5 seconds.Recurve Bow, Giant’s BeltZz’rot Portal
Evenshroud50% Sunder enemies within 2 hexes.
For the first 10s of combat, gain 25 Armor and MR.
Negatron Cloak, Giant’s BeltZephyr
CrownguardCombat Start: Gain a shield equal to 35% of your max health for 8s.
When this breaks or expires, gain 40 additional AP.
Needlessly Large Rod, Chain VestLocket of the Iron Solari
Sterak’s GageOnce per combat at 50% health, increase max health by 25% and gain 30% AD for the rest of combat.BF Sword, Giant’s BeltZeke’s Herald
Night HarvesterDeal 15% bonus damage, increased by 15% when below 60% maximum health.Sparring Gloves, Chain VestShroud of Stillness

On top of that, some Shimmerscale options are being moved over into the Artifact category, and a few all-new Support Items are on the way but have yet to be revealed.

That’s everything we know about Set 9.5! More details will be revealed when the set goes live on the Playable Beta Environment (PBE) Servers, so keep your eyes peeled for new info.