All Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Sets ranked, from worst to best

It’s fate to head to the dragon lands and experience your own reckoning.

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Since its release in 2019, Teamfight Tactics (TFT) has become one of the most popular multiplayer games. It sits at the 18th most-watched game on Twitch and has over 80 million players. Over that time, fans have enjoyed a wide swath of game sets, inspired by the spiritual heavens, dragons, or space itself. But taking a look at the popularity numbers, game balance, and fan opinions, let’s rank these TFT sets and find out once and for all which set is the best.

7. Set 2: Rise of the Elements

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As much as the early sets had their charm, Set 2 is where the game’s growing pains became obvious. The devs didn’t quite know how to balance everything yet and it made the whole situation messy. Do you think Set 7 and its dragons are frustrating? You aren’t remembering Set 2’s Olaf or Nocturne properly, then. Let’s all respect this set for moving the game forward, but it definitely was the biggest “working out the kinks” period in TFT’s life.

6. Set 1: Beta

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When the Beta for TFT hit, AKA Set 1, everything was an experiment — and that experiment hooked a bunch of early fans. The game was released in June 2019, and by September, it had over 33 million monthly players. Even though Set 1 was painfully unrefined, it did what it was meant to do: attract the right players to the game. While you might lament the horror of Set 1’s Kayle slashes, Jinx rockets, or worst of all, Blitzcrank pulls, it was a solid beginning that spawned the game it is today.

5. Set 5: Reckoning/Dawn of Heroes

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If you love Set 5, let’s just say you’re in the minority. While the champions used had cool designs and pairings, many players were ultimately underwhelmed by the Shadow item mechanics. Having to balance huge buffs with equally troublesome debuffs wasn’t a big hit. The only reason it even got this high on the list is that its companion set, Set 5.5: Dawn of the Heroes, assuaged fans by replacing Shadow items with Radiant items. At least we got the Chaos Pengu out of it.

4. Set 7: Dragonlands/Uncharted Realms

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A bold and innovative set, Set 7 has some great shining features and also huge pitfalls. Keeping augments around has worked swimmingly and the Dragon Shrines are a welcome addition. Also, all the dragon options are fun and powerful to play. However, that’s kinda the exact problem — dragons. While they are the main feature of this set, it does make it feel like the entire game takes a backseat to them much of the time. There were quite a few fans who hoped, against all logic, that Set 7.5 would have no dragons at all. If dragons augmented gameplay instead of dominating it, Set 7 would be much higher on the list. Alas, this beautiful and well-intended set ends up firmly middle-of-the-road.

3. Set 4: Fates/Festival of Beasts

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Do you remember the bonk-monkey? Because everyone loved turning Wukong into the golden, Recurve-Bow and B.F. Sword-covered bonk-monkey. Set 4, Fates, wasn’t the most ground-breaking creation. However, it had diverse, fun builds for everyone from the hyper-roll players to the fast-8-lovers. With all its options and decent balance, players got to be pretty creative in their choices. It wasn’t mind-blowing, but it was still solid — and who doesn’t love those airy, pastel aesthetics?

2. Set 3: Galaxies/Return to the Stars

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The birthplace of aesthetically thrilling themes, Set 3 is a common favorite among TFT players. The high energy and experimental style of Galaxies was a huge hit, with a wide range of viable builds. Granted, if you don’t love a good gunfight or mecha, you might not have the best time. But as far as the majority of the community is concerned, this was a fun and exciting set that they wish they could play all over again. Who doesn’t want Graves of Miss Fortune to spew a bullet hell across their board? This set exemplified the weird and wonderful science fiction of the cosmos.

1. Set 6: Gizmos and Gadgets/Neon Nights

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As much as Set 3 dazzled people, no other set evolved and elevated the game quite like Set 6. In this electric Hextech world, the game devs hit a legendary combo: Hextech Augments, Arcane tie-ins, Chibi Champions, and returned to fun, player-approved gameplay. When Riot Games released Set 6 in November 2021, TFT streaming viewership tripled. Overnight, it went from 300k to 500k daily hours watched to a little over 1.5 million. Timed perfectly alongside Arcane and made with great, game-changing mechanics, Set 6 is what players have to thank for the TFT they know today.