Tears of the Kingdom – How To Build The Best Air Bike

Learn how to craft the best air bike in Tears of the Kingdom to fly high and low in Hyrule from the comfort of your Steering Stick.

Screenshot by Gamepur

TotK expands upon the realm of Hyrule that BOTW created. Some returning players may find sprinting and climbing through this familiar world a bit too tedious. Luckily, the devs included the ever-useful Ultrahand ability, allowing players to explore the map with Zonai Device-made vehicles.

From 4×4 trucks to intricate mecha builds, the Zelda community has developed all sorts of blueprints. Still, building often takes time and resources, so resorting to a simple and cost-effective solution, like the air bike, is the best option.

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How to Build the Best Airbike in Tears of the Kingdom

While the idea of an air bike is excellent, most are hard to steer and cause you to fall into the abyss. Thankfully, YouTube creator 2uncle2dane came up with the ideal Airbike to traverse the land of Hyrule. 

To build an Air Bike, get two Fans and a Steering Stick. These can be obtained from Zonai Device Dispensers or found worldwide. Here are the steps to build an Air Bike:

  1. First, obtain two Fans and a Steering Stick.
  2. Head to a flat area, like the material platforms spread throughout Hyrule. (There’s one right northeast of Lookout Landing)
  3. Place a Fan on the ground and rotate it to face downwards.
  4. Use Ultrahand to grab a Steering Stick, rotate it until it faces Link, and tilt it upwards once to a 45-degree angle.
  5. Attach the Steering Stick to the Fan’s upper lip.
  6. Place a second Fan on the ground and rotate it to face downwards.
  7. Attach the second Fan to the Front of the Steering Stick.

If all Zonai Devices have been attached correctly, the Air Bike should not fall sideways. Once you’ve built a proper air bike, make sure to save the design to your favorites if you have the Autobuild ability unlocked to save yourself the hassle of getting it right the next time.

Screenshot by Gamepur

It is important to note that it might take a few tries to line up the Fans and Steering Stick correctly. This step is crucial to get the Air Bike to fly straight and not drop you into the abyss mid-flight. A good tip is to use the edge of the platforms to level the air bike.