Tears of the Kingdom – Best Easy Vehicle Blueprint Ideas

Being stingy with your Zonai Devices is OK. Find out which are the best easy vehicle blueprints in Tears of the Kingdom.

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In Tears of the Kingdom, players can unleash their creativity by combining Zonai Devices to create the most unique, eye-popping vehicles. Just by attaching some planks, fans, and steering devices with Link’s Ultrahand ability, a fully functional vehicle can get you from one place to another in a matter of minutes.

Yes, Zonai Devices are an excellent addition to this game. However, they are hard to come by, so in most cases, it’s better to go with the safe route and devise a simple vehicle that perhaps doesn’t look great but gets the job done. Here are the best Zonai Vehicle Blueprints that only take one to three Zonai devices.

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Faster Wings

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Components: 1 Wing + 2 Fans

The Wing Zonai device glides much better than your paraglider, but it doesn’t fly. It just falls with style. Adding two fans in the back is an excellent way to boost it and reach places that are further away. This three-zonai-device vehicle blueprint can get you far, far away and it’s very easy to make.

Sky Motorcycle

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Components: 1 Steering Stick + 2 Fans

With these few components, you’ll have a steerable, flying motorcycle that can get you anywhere. Jump on the steering device and hit the control button to command your Sky Motorcycle. Then, if you land it somewhere before the batteries run out, you’ll always have a vehicle ready to use. Its reusability makes it one of the best easy vehicle blueprints in Tears of the Kingdom.

Hot Air Balloon

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Components: 1 Balloon + 1 Metal Base + 1 Flame Emitter

Half the characters in the game use this vehicle. But in case you missed the memo, you could attach a balloon device to a base to make a hot-air balloon. However, if that base happens to be metal-based and you place a flame emitter below, you’ll never run out of fire to keep the balloon floating.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Components: 1 Base + 1 Small Wheel + 2 Big Wheels

Attach two big wheels to a plank’s rear and a small wheel to its front. Though it’s a fantastic vehicle, the wheels need to be perfectly positioned for it not to fall over. If the wheels are balanced, you’ll have a fantastic land transportation vehicle. 

Minecart Shield

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Components: Shield + Minecart

This portable vehicle is one of the best easy vehicle blueprints in Tears of the Kingdom. Tony Hawk would have never come this far. If you fuse a minecart to your shield, it will shrink. That means you have a portable rail transportation device. It also works on any type of land, as long as your shield doesn’t break.

Rocket Shield

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Components: Shield + Rocket

Need a quick pick-me-up? Say goodbye to the days of climbing or getting upset over Ascend not reaching that cliff. You can now attach a rocket to your shield to quickly ascend to higher ground. Do keep in mind that the rocket will be lost right away.

Regular Boat

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Components: 1 Base + 1 Fan

Another boring vehicle blueprint that gets the job done. After all, we need a vehicle to get across the lakes of Hyrule. You can make your own raft by attaching a fan to some piles of wood or a metal base.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Components: 2 Small Wheels + 1 Steering Stick

You can whip out this cool-looking, easy-to-build vehicle blueprint in a few seconds. Attach two small wheels next to each other, and ensure they face the same way. Then, place a steering stick on top to control it. You’ve got yourself what we call a Wheelie, a land transportation vehicle to traverse the vast reaches of Hyrule.

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