Tears of the Kingdom: Where Is Pyper in TotK?

Hunt down a rather elusive flutist.

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There are plenty of NPCs wandering around Hyrule, mostly on the surface. Some have questlines of their own, others are just there to give the area a sense of life despite all the hardship Hyrule has gone through over the years. If you’re on the hunt for sidequests, finding Pyper the flutist is one of them who can offer you a task. To complete The Flute Player’s Plan, you’ll have to hunt down where Pyper is. In this guide, we have a brief explanation of where to find Pyper in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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How to Find Pyper in Tears of the Kingdom

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Once you’ve got some of the main quest work out of the way, you may be taking some time to get some side quests shelved. Side quests in Tears of the Kingdom are important for developing NPCs, having a good bit of fun, getting some extra gear, or rebuilding parts of Hyrule. Sidequests can be a mini storyline all their own, which makes Pyper’s no different in importance. If you want to locate the Great Fairy Fountain nearby organically, you can do so by completing this quest.

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Pyper’s quest all centers around impressing Haite, which involves him getting back into his flute-related hobbies. If you want to find Pyper to start his quest, you’ll have to start somewhere. That specific somewhere is Highland Stable. If fast traveling is more your speed, then take a quick trip to the Utsushok Shrine, which is located in the southwest of the Faron region. If you need specific coordinates to find him, try these: 0526, -3392, 0049. You’ll know you’ve found the Pyper by the hum of music in the air nearby. He’ll be in a tree, so don’t forget to look up.

How to Complete Pyper’s Quest

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Once you’ve found Pyper, the biggest part of your quest is already done. Now that you know where he is, you can talk to him and figure out the finer details of what’s going on with his quest. The compact version is that he wants to impress Hiate. To help him do so, all you need to do is collect a few Sunset Fireflies for him so that he can set the mood in both lighting and song. Once you’ve gotten that part out of the way, you can get Haite so that she watches Pyper do his thing. Just make sure it’s nightfall, or else those fireflies won’t be of much use. Luckily, since you’re near a stable, waiting won’t be too difficult.

At night, ask Haite to follow you to the tree where you first found Pyper. The Pyper will do his best to woo her with a flute performance. And good for him, she’s impressed.