Tears of the Kingdom: Bone Weapon Proficiency Guide

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has some truly powerful weapons, but the bone proficiency bonus makes these the best.

Image by Nintendo from Tears of the Kingdom

In Tears of the Kingdom, one of the most important aspects of your survivability is your ability to create deadly weapons for your enemies. The more it hurts, the more it works, and if you’ve played the game for long, you’ve no doubt seen some fusion patterns that have led to success. From Lizal parts, to bones, to Zonai tech, there are plenty of options for causing harm to your enemies. Learning them enough to establish a general base of knowledge is key to creating some pretty hefty-hitting weapons on the fly.

Of all the gear you can slap together, one of the most damage-dealing are those that involve bone materials. While it may sound like a pretty simple path to victory, not everything that you think is a bone is actually defined as a bone in-game.

Best Bone Weapon Crafting Materials in TotK

Image by Nintendo from Tears of the Kingdom

When it comes to getting weapons together, whether you’re at the beginning of Link’s adventure or at the tail end of it all, knowing what you’re fusing can help. Bones are reliably good for fusions, especially if you need high-damage output in a pinch. Emphasis on that pinch part, because depending on what bones you try to fuse with a weapon, some have more longevity than others.

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When looking for bones to fuse with your sticks, swords, and whatever else you find, be sure that your materials are actually bones. Bone materials tend to offer higher attack bonuses, while things like horns may do the same thing but not as reliably. There are plenty of items that you may think are bones (they might even have bone in the name) but as far as the game is concerned, they are not bones. Some of these items that you may get confused with bone materials are the following:

  • Lynel Horns
  • Frox Fangs
  • Marbled Gohma
  • Stal Arms
  • Colegra Jaw
  • Moldova Jaw
  • Marbled Gohma Leg

While these items are certainly great to fuse on some weapons for power (and pretty durable too, in comparison to bones) the game doesn’t see them as bones. To get some bones on your hands (and on your weapons) consider the ones we suggest below:

Spiny Bone

To get to creating blunt objects as quickly as you can, any bone will do, and this one is no exception. Not especially frail by comparison to other materials, but still having a high additional damage score, the Spiny Bone is a good asset to have in your inventory. They’re pretty run-of-the-mill as far as materials go, being found all over the Eldin region. Compared to other materials, Spiny Bones are great as quick fuse materials.

Considering the shelf life of your average bone weapon though, don’t plan on bringing anything you make with one to your long, drawn-out kinds of fights. The damage bonus you can receive from a Spiny Bone is pretty good for something so commonly spotted: the Spiny Bone offers 7 more damage when fused to anything. So if you need something quick to throw at a particularly stubborn enemy, there’s your best bet.

Stalnox Horn

Image by Nintendo from Tears of the Kingdom

If you need something with a bit more heft, try fusing a Stalnox Horn to something. A Stalnox Horn fused onto a weapon grants it an increased attack power of 29. (Why they didn’t just round it up to 30, I don’t know.) While you could just as easily turn your Stalnox Horn into an Elixir, having that much damage on a weapon is a pretty good opportunity for some gratuitous and forceful (but short-lived) bonking. If you don’t know where to stock up on such an item, consider poking around with your Sensor + in places like Central Hyrule and East Necluda.

Molduga Jaw

Molduga Jaw is another bone material that you can either fuse to a weapon or brew into an Elixir. The Molduga Jaw increases attack by 32 to any weapon you fuse with it. Additionally, if you fuse a Molduga Jaw with a weapon, that weapon can shatter ores or other breakable rocks that you find throughout the world. So if you’re short on explosives, fusing a weapon like this can make short work of any resource hunting you happen to be doing for more ore.

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Gibdo Bone

The final bone on our list is the Gibdo Bone. Just like every other weapon fused with a bone, weapons that you create with a Gibdo Bone are short-lived but bright-burning. The Gibdo Bone creates especially powerful weapons, but they tend to be more one-shot-oriented than most. If you’re on the track for good old-fashioned brute force, the Gibdo Bone is the way to go, adding 40 attack power to anything that fuses with it.

With this high damage comes some high fragility, so don’t plan on keeping this weapon around for long. That being said, not many hits are required for a weapon like that. If you want to find Gibdo Bones, all you need to do is look around for some Gibdo in the Gerudo Desert or the Gerudo Desert Depths.