Tears of the Kingdom – Where To Get The Dusk Claymore

This guide walks players through the process of finishing the Thyphlo Ruins side quest to get the Dusk Claymore in Tears of the Kingdom.

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It’s not that Tears of the Kingdom’s players aren’t clever, but when they see a shiny thing like the Dusk Claymore, they must have it. The Dusk Claymore is a level 32 weapon rumored to have been handed down to Hyrule ages ago. This greatsword’s design makes it look straight out of Sailor Moon, and its sheath is both massive and gorgeous. Still, this weapon doesn’t exactly drop after every enemy fight. To get it, players must complete the Typhlo Ruins side adventure.

How to Start Investigate the Thyphlo Ruins quest

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Before attempting to complete this quest and get the Dusk Claymore, finish the Fire, Wind, Water, and Lightning Temples in the Regional Phenomena quest. All four sages are necessary to complete this side adventure.

Then, head to the Thyphlo Ruins north of the Great Hyrule Forest. The fastest way to reach it is through the Thyphlo Ruins Skytower. A man named Kazul will be standing under a tent right in front of the Skytower. To begin the quest to get the Dusk Claymore, approach him and inspect all four stone tablets to his left.

How to Complete the Thyphlo Ruins Puzzle in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

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Each stone tablet represents a side adventure, which requires players to solve a puzzle in the Thyplo Ruins using each sage. After clearing all four puzzles, the Dusk Claymore will be rewarded to you. 

How to Complete The Six Dragons

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Required Sage: Sidon

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To complete the Six Dragons side adventure, head to the northwest portion of the map and look for six dragon heads facing toward a square floor tile.

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Once there, trigger Sidon’s power and charge a sword attack to splash all six dragons simultaneously. With this side adventure out of the way, you’re one step closer to getting the Dusk Claymore.

Note: Don’t waste your time like I did; spears and greatswords won’t get the job done.

How to Complete The Owl Protected by Dragons

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Required Sage: Tulin

This wind puzzle is quite close to the Thyphlo Ruins Skyview Tower. Climb past the boulders behind the Kazul’s tent to find a colossal owl statue. Simply use one of Tulin’s wind gusts to blow some air toward it.

How to Complete The Long Dragon

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Required Sage: Riju

The Long Dragon side adventure puzzle lies in the Thyphlo Ruins’ middle east. There will be a square-shaped tile half-surrounded by slim stone pillars. Be careful with the Construct Soldier IV lurking nearby.

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Once there, activate Riju’s shock power and shoot an arrow at the tile. Just make sure you step aside before shooting to avoid shocking yourself. There’s one more side adventure to complete before unlocking the Dusk Claymore.

How to Complete The Corridor Between Two Dragons

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Required Sage: Yunobo

Head to the Thyphlo Ruins’ middle west to complete The Corridor Between Two Dragons. In this location, a big dragon statue awaits.

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Still, paying attention to the side adventure’s name makes it clear that this giant statue is irrelevant. Instead, turn around 180º to spot two dragon heads and a corridor between them. Trigger Yunobo’s power and cannonball him across the corridor to complete the final puzzle.

With all four side adventures out of the way, all that’s left is to head east to the Skyview Tower to find the ancient basement that just emerged. Down the stairs awaits a treasure with the Dusk Claymore.