Tears of the Kingdom – Master Sword Location & Stamina Amount To Get It

Find out how you can get the Master Sword back and restore it to its former glory In Tears of the Kingdom.

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The Legend of Zelda’s Master Sword is a 90’s baby. Its long journey through the franchise has forged its legendary status. Tears of the Kingdom took everyone by surprise by handing this weapon to Link at the beginning of the game, except it’s shattered and practically worse than a wooden stick. Still, you can set on a journey to restore it to its prior glory if you’re up for the challenge.

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Where to Find the Master Sword in Tears of the Kingdom

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Tears of the Kingdom’s Master Sword is incrusted on the Light Dragon’s head. The challenge of pulling it out starts with locating the Light Dragon. Just like in the previous game, Tears of the Kingdom has dragons roaming Hyrule’s skies — and Depths. Though every dragon has a specific route limited to specific map areas, the Light Dragon is different. This beast traverses the entire Sky Hyrule Map’s outskirts, making it difficult to track down.

Teleporting from one Sky Shrine to another until the Light Dragon pops up isn’t the worst idea, but here’s a better one: wait for it to fly past the Great Sky Island’s southernmost shrine: Nachoyah Shrine. Then, stand south of the Room of Awakening until the Light Dragon is right before it. 

Ride a Zonai flying vehicle to reach it, then hop on its back. No need to worry; the dragon’s vicinity is engulfed by a powerful gust of wind that will rescue you if you fall. The Master Sword awaits on the Light Dragon’s head. Still, it could drain your stamina if you don’t have enough.

How Much Stamina Does the Master Sword Drain

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Whereas pulling out the Master Sword in BOTW would take several heart containers, doing so in TotK will actually drain stamina containers. This is because when you start pulling out the Master Sword from the Light Dragon, it will start to fidget, causing you to fall off his back unless you hold on. As expected, holding on to the sword takes stamina.

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Two wheels of stamina are necessary to pull off the Master Swords. To get an extra stamina wheel, exchange 20 Light of Blessings orbs for extra stamina vessels. Those who don’t want to work through Shrines can try cooking up a stamina Elixir with Endura carrots to add temporary extra wheels of stamina.

The Light Dragon healed the Master Sword. Now that it’s fully restored, you can use it to defeat your foes. Though the Master Sword doesn’t break, it does need to recharge for 10 minutes when it’s used for quite some time.

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