Holds in Temtem: What are they?

A look into holds in Temtem and how to lessen their burden.

A picture of a technique with a hold, next to a Platypet

One of the first things you may notice when you begin your Temtem journey is that some of your techniques are grayed out when you start the battle. This is because some techniques in Temtem have something called Holds. Holds are when you have to wait a certain amount of turns before you can perform a technique.

temtem technique not ready because of its hold
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How to Identify a Hold

A Hold can be identified by a single or set of bars shown underneath the technique name. If it is grey, you cannot use the technique. Once the bars are all shown in full color, you can use the technique. You have to wait for the hold all over again once the technique is used. Techniques can have a hold of 0, 1, 2, or rarely, 3.

The difference between a ready and not ready technique
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How to Lessen the Burden of a Hold

Cheer Up

Cheer Up is a technique that costs seven stamina, and reduces the hold of a temtem’s techniques by 1. This would be useless for a temtem that only has one hold on its technique, but for techniques with a hold of two or three, this technique can speed things up a lot. It can be learned by the Paharo, Pewki, Platypet, and Hidody temtem lines.

Cheer Up and the temtem that can learn it
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Send out a temtem mid-battle

When you switch your temtem into battle, the turn they are switch in counts as a turn in terms of holds, meaning the first turn you switched out temtem can use a one hold technique, or they are already 1 step closer to performing an attack with a higher number of holds.

A temtem being sent out and able to use it's 1 hold move the first turn it attacks
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All Techniques with a Hold of 3

Gaia   Nature Technique – Recovers Stamina fully  
King’s Roar   Neutral Technique – Decreases the speed and attack stats of both enemies  
Psychosis   Mental Technique – The target gains a doom counter of 4. Once the counter reaches zero, the temtem is knocked out  
Magma Cannon   Fire Technique – Deals 70 damage and burns the target for 3 turns  
Held Anger   Neutral Technique – Deals 130 damage