The 10 best and funniest character mods in Left for Dead 2

Throw these character mods on for a laugh.

Image via Valve

Left 4 Dead 2 has memorable playable characters both on the Survivor and Infected sides. Whether you are using the original game’s cast or the sequel, you will be playing as a great group of different characters. However, thanks to the community, you can use an extensive list of character mods to swap out various models for some that normally would not belong. Here are the best and funniest character mods you can download for Left 4 Dead 2 in the Steam Workshop.

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The funniest character mods for Left 4 Dead 2

Charger – The Simpson’s Car

Image via Steam Workshop

The Charger is a dangerous special infected that can quickly charge Survivors off cliffs to their death and separate the group in crucial situations. Seeing Homer Simpson drive his car through the group turns your moment of direness into a flat-out comedy.

Common Infected – Mars Attacks Martians

Image via Steam Workshop

We are massive fans of Tim Burton’s Mars Attacks. That makes this an easy download for us. Seeing the Martians run at you is something we can not get enough of.

Ellis – Peter Griffin

Image via Steam Workshop

If anyone on this list could survive a zombie apocalypse, somehow, it would be Peter Griffin. Throw him into your next game as Ellis, along with some unnerving facial animations.

Gnome – Garfield

Image via Steam Workshop

We know that Gnome Chompski is not actually a character that you play as in the game, but you can turn him into Garfield for a few laughs as you bat away incoming infected.

Jockey – Big Smoke

Image via Steam Workshop

The Jockey is arguably the creepiest of the special infected you can come across in Left 4 Dead 2. Now imagine a very hunched-over Big Smoke from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas running towards you and jumping on your back. Horrifyingly funny, in all honesty.

Louis – Bane (Batman: The Animated Series)

Image via Steam Workshop

What makes these mods so funny is putting characters in a situation they definitely do not belong in. That is why throwing Bane from the 90s Batman animated series runs to the top of the list of things we love to see.

Rochelle – Rivet

Image via Steam Workshop

There is just something so unnerving and funny to us about this character mod for Rivet from Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart. Her being so tall looks all wrong, which is pretty laughable.

Tank – Shrek

Image via Steam Workshop

When the Tank (Shrek) arrives in a level, you know it gets serious. This incredibly strong entity will demand all of the Survivors’ attention, but if you swap the usual music out with Smashmouth and put Shrek in the Tank’s place, you have flipped the situation to one that is well-placed for memes and some laughs.

Witch – G-Man

Image via Steam Workshop

There is just something so off-putting about G-Man from the Half-Life games. Put him in as the crying Witch, and you will have something you can laugh about when you are done wetting yourself.

Zoey – Amy Rose (Sonic Boom)

Image via Steam Workshop

We all know how terrible the Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric game was, but a few fans of the cartoon spawned from the less-than-fortunate video game. With this mod, you can put everyone’s favorite Sonic the Hedgehog stalker into the game.