The 10 best hidden objects games

From murder mysteries to psychological thrillers to puzzles for the sake of puzzles, there’s a hidden objects game that appeals to your aesthetic.

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Finding a great hidden objects game can be a tricky endeavor. The genre is crowded with low-effort, low-reward mobile apps, so it’s easy to overlook stellar games.

We’ve selected our 10 favorite HOGs that balance engaging gameplay with beautiful artwork and compelling characters, with just the right amount of challenge to keep players tuned in. From murder mysteries to psychological thrillers to puzzles for the sake of puzzles, there’s a hidden objects game that appeals to your aesthetic.

This list rounds up top picks for every platform: PC, console, and mobile devices.

Ghost Files 2: Memory of a Crime

Available on: PC, Android, iOS

Former police officer and private investigator Arthur Christie is having the worst possible morning. The game opens with him waking up in a dark basement with a murder victim and no knowledge of how he came to be there. He’s sure he’s innocent, but the holes in his memories won’t help him prove it to the police who are rapidly circling the building. It’s up to you to guide Arthur through a tough and bloody investigation to seek out the mysterious serial killer and secure his freedom.

Hidden Folks

Available on: Nintendo eShop, Android, iOS, Steam, macOS, and Linux

Very few games feature pokable crocodiles, and that’s just one of the reasons Hidden Folks merits inclusion in any list of the most popular hidden objects games. The black and white, hand-drawn style is a welcome departure from the highly saturated, gloomy tones of most hidden objects games. Uniquely interactive landscapes and quirky sound effects bring sketched scenarios to life. This updated take on Where’s Waldo is easier on the eyes than it would seem at first glance; the developers thoughtfully included three color modes to break up the monotony of dark black images on a bright white background.

Eventide: Slavic Fable

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Available on: PC, PS4, Xbox One, iOS, Android

Eventide: Slavic Fable leans heavily on Eastern European mythology for its ancient magic. This premise is simple enough: Grandma needs help with her garden. Her granddaughter, Mary, must discover secret items, befriend mystical creatures by completing a variety of puzzles and finding secret items. Along the way, she’ll encounter rare herbs and dangerous creatures drawn from Slavic folklore as she seeks to save her grandmother, the Heritage Park, and—most importantly—the world.

Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride

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Available on: PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Android, iOS

Publisher Artifex Mundi continues their domination of the point-and-click hidden objects puzzle adventure genre with The Forsaken Bride, the most popular installment in the Grim Legends series. In the gloomy village of Ravenbrook, residents rely on charms and superstition to ward off evil. Hand-painted locations filled with elusive objects tell the story of a young woman who receives an unusual invitation from her twin sister. Follow the spooky, thrilling story by completing puzzles and locating hidden objects.

Home Makeover

Available on: Android

Emma’s grandparents own a lovely home that’s been overrun by clutter. They’re in desperate need of tidying—who keeps their iguana next to their CD collection? This mobile hidden objects game dials up the realism when you sell off their Victrola at a yard sale and use the proceeds to buy them a new AM/FM radio. The proceeds from selling off their eclectic stack of home goods let you buy new furniture, paint, and other decor for their house. It’s all the fun of picking out a fancy new cordless phone for your actual grandparents with none of the trouble of having them ask you to set it up.

Mystery Case Files: Fate’s Carnival

Available on: Windows

The lost souls of carnival workers are trapped within Madame Fate’s Carnival and only the Master Detective can free them. The rich artwork and intriguing story make this game, and the entire Mystery Case Files series, a must-play for HOG fans. Fate’s Carnival calls back to characters from the other three games in the Madame Fate series, but introduces them well enough that new players won’t feel out of the loop. With an assortment of puzzles and five difficulty modes, including a timed mode, Fate’s Carnival has plenty of amusements. Madame Fate’s cat, Isis, will help you along the way, just as long as you treat her well. Sounds about right for a cat.

Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery

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Available on: Android, iOS

In Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery, you’ve inherited your grandfather’s hotel. Completing hidden objects puzzles earns the money you’ll need to renovate the possibly haunted hotel. Each in-game day comes with a new series of tasks, like fixing up the reception area or adding a fireplace, and a new set of puzzles. Time is unlimited in each of these puzzles, but speedy play is rewarded with additional currency. Through the course of the game, you’ll move from room to room, redecorating and adding new amenities. The storyline is rewarding, but can be completely optional for players who are just in it for the challenge.

CSI: Hidden Crimes

Available on: Android, iOS

Join the Las Vegas Crime Scene Investigation team to find evidence, question witnesses, and solve crimes. Based on the hit TV series, this mobile game is exactly what you would expect from a murder mystery hidden objects game. While most of Hidden Crimes focuses on finding hidden objects, players use the clues found during the highly engaging puzzles to piece together enough evidence to identify the perpetrator of seriously gory murders.

Alice in the Mirrors of Albion

Available on: Android, iOS

Fans of the Lewis Carroll classic will find themselves right at home in Alice in the Mirrors of Albion. This mobile app mixes the world of Alice in Wonderland with the gorgeous Victorian world of Albion, filled with interesting characters and engaging subplots. If you’re a fan of in-depth worldbuilding, the plentiful sidequests and missions will keep you busy. While finding hidden objects and solving challenging puzzles, you’ll fight crime and foil the evil plans of local criminals.

Enigmatis 2: The Mists of Ravenwood

Available on: Nintendo Switch, PS4, Android, iOS

This sequel to Enigmatis: The Ghost of Maple Creek, takes place in the lush environment of Ravenwood Park. The unsettling park hides shadowy secrets, and the employees are a little too friendly. Something’s just not right, and it’s up to you to put all the pieces together. 55 hand-drawn locations and a wonderfully ambient soundtrack make Ravenwood Park a beautiful place to uncover secrets.