The 10 best lightweight gaming mouse

Gain the upper hand with the 10 best lightweight gaming mice.

You’re probably looking for ways to elevate your game when it comes to playing on your PC. There are many ways to tackle this, and one of the most recent ways is to get a lightweight mouse.

Utilizing honeycomb designs or even some internal structure changes, lightweight mice have become much more widespread than they used to be. This means that there are many options you can choose from, so we have our favorite right here for you:

Razer Viper Ultimate

The fact that this mouse is not only lightweight but also can come wireless, which definitely adds to how much we like it. Even more, the battery life for this thing is 70 hours, which is a ton of time to spend between charging.

The mouse uses optical mouse switches, similar to what they used in their optomechanical keyboards, to remove the need for de-bounce delay and increase clicking speed by milliseconds. The Focus+ sensor also gives some more precise, accurate movement to the mouse. It’s also comfortable to use and a great investment, though decently expensive. You can spring for a wired version to cut that cost down if you want.

Xtrfy M4

When it was released, the Xtrfy M4 promised light yet top-performing and durable… with a right-handed, ergonomic shape.” They delivered on that promise. The structure of this mouse is solid and comfortable to use. The honeycomb design keeps it lightweight for you, and the cable, scroll wheel, buttons, and sensors are solid.

The RGB lighting also makes the mouse one of the coolest ones on the market. You can even choose which color to make the mouse’s central logo: black, white, blue, pink, and “retro” beige.

Logitech G Pro Wireless

This wireless mouse was one of the first to reach an 80g threshold, which is impressive when you consider that most wireless mice are heavier than their wired versions. The efficient Hero sensor is the reason for this, allowing for a small battery in the mouse.

The mouse’s symmetric design also allows for right-handed or left-handed use, which is extended with the ability to place buttons on either side of the mouse. This is one of the most popular mice in esports and for a good reason.

Glorious Model D

Another great, ergonomic choice, the Glorious Model D, comes with the PixArt 3360 sensor, low weight of 68g, and a pretty RGB-encrusted design.

The Model D is a little on the taller side, but its shoelace-style cable is so lightweight, it almost feels wireless. It also comes in at a low price, which makes the deal even sweeter. It’s best-suited for medium to large hands, just as a warning.

Roccat Kone Pure Ultra

The most amazing thing about this mouse is that it looks like any other mouse, yet still weighs so little. This is because they were able to make many sacrifices inside of the mouse while keeping many of the usual staples you would expect, like RGB lighting and an accurate optical sensor.

The soft matte finish of the mouse makes it incredibly comfortable to use and is especially good for anyone who isn’t a fan of the honeycomb design.

Endgame Gear XM1 White

This mouse’s standout feature is its super-fast click response time, which comes in at less than 1 millisecond. On top of that, it comes with the high-end PixArt 3389 sensor and super thin PTFE mouse feet. The newest cable is also super=flexible and great to use.

But if you are looking for a flashier mouse that lights up, this may not be the one for you as it comes without any RGB lighting.

Finalmouse Ultralight 2

While this mouse is no longer being produced, you can still find these out there to buy. It is worth finding, too, as a case can definitely be made about it being one of the best lightweight mice to use. The frame, itself, is smaller, but the components that come with it allow you to build up your mouse how you see fit. It’s a really intriguing system that actually works really well.

G-Wolves Skoll

Much like the Xtrfy M4, this mouse uses an ergonomic shape, flexible cable, modern optical sensor, and honeycomb design. It’s a larger option than some but still isn’t too bulky to be a pain to use.

You can choose a ton of color options from (we are a fan of the grey, personally) and are easy to find.

Cooler Master MM710

One of the lightest mice out there, this uniquely-shaped mouse, is a great choice for anyone who prefers a claw grip with their mouse. The lack of RGB lighting may be a turn off for some, but it helps reduce the costs of the mouse and cut out the weight. Its size is also good for just any size or shape of hands.

If you want the RGB coloring, you can get the MM711 for that style, though it will cost you more.

Glorious Model O

The final option on our list is also one of the best, and possibly our favorite. The Model 0 comes with tons of choices that make it stand out: weight-saving honeycomb design, an extremely flexible “shoelace” cable, a modern PMW 3360 optical sensor and RGB lighting.

It’s even pretty affordable, considering what it brings to the table, only coming in at $50. This price is for the matte finish of the mouse; if you want a glossy one, you can pay a little more. It’s a wonderful mouse.

For whatever your style may be, whatever your preferences are, these mice are going to get the job done and then some.

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