The 10 best Roblox Obby games

If you like obstacle courses, then you’ll love Roblox Obbies.

Obstacle course games in Roblox are represented in the popular Obby genre. These are the games in which you are challenged with winning an obstacle course by any means necessary. Most will simply require you to run, jump, and climb, but some can get even more creative than that. 

However, over the years, the Obby genre on Roblox has grown and become more complex, with many games expanding on the old formula to create unique experiences for Roblox players to enjoy. With dozens upon dozens of Obby games to choose from, we have the 10 best Obbies on Roblox in the list below.

Barry’s Prison Run

Image via Roblox

This Obby game takes place in a prison, in which your goal is to trick the careless prison guard called Barry and make your daring escape. What’s cool about Barry’s Prison Run is that you can play from either the first-person or third-person view, making a fun variation to the usual Obby formula. There are 25 obstacles in this Obby and even a Hard mode for experts.

Escape Mr. Funny’s Toyshop

Image via Roblox

Obbys and scary games go hand in hand, and this one is a perfect example. In Escape Mr. Funny’s Toyshop, you’re the new night shift guard who needs to escape the premises after something creepy starts going on. Just make sure you’re not caught by Mr. Funny Dummy over the course of 20 obstacles and other mini-games that are in this challenging game. 

Escape School Obby

Image via Roblox

Another entry to the escape-themed Obbies, this one takes place in a school where the math class is taking forever to finish. So, the only course of action is to escape it. In Escape School Obby, you have to make sure that the teachers don’t stop you from escaping over the course of 31 different obstacles. 

Escape the Dungeon Obby

Image via QueenRuzz YouTube

Those who get caught stealing the king’s gold get sent to the dungeons. Luckily, instead of languishing for a long time, there is an escape from this virtual dungeon in Escape the Dungeon Obby. You will have to complete the challenges of 20 obstacles in a short but sweet escape adventure. 

Obby Creator

Image via Roblox

It’s one thing to play Obbies, but another entirely to create one and then try it for yourself. What if you could create a dozen or more? Obby Creator lets you do exactly that. In this game, you can not only play Obbies created by other players but also create your own and then dare your friends to try them out. 

Mega Easy Obby

Image via Roblox

One of the most famous parkour-style Obbys, the Mega Easy Obby features no less than 800 stages and courses to play through. This translates to literally hundreds of hours of fun as you try to beat them all. If that’s not enough, you can even prestige and earn gems to buy cosmetics and pets to show off how good you are at playing Obbys.

Shrek in the Backrooms

Image via Roblox

One of the best motivators to overcome a challenge in an obstacle game is fear. And the Roblox game Shrek in the Backrooms is the perfect example, despite the goofy title. There is an odd, dreary atmosphere in this game and the constant fear of being caught by the green ogre. You can find plenty of hidden items and secrets in this Obby, making it a unique entry on our list.

The Floor is LAVA!

Image via Roblox

The name of a well-known children’s game has been turned into a literal Roblox Obby game. And it translates rather well, with a fun platforming Obby experience to be had in The Floor is LAVA! over many maps. You can collect points to unlock gear and useful items, which in turn can help you conquer more levels and progress further.

Tower of Hell

Image via Roblox

This is one of the most famous Obbies in Roblox. Aptly named, Tower of Hell is a randomly generated Obby that has zero checkpoints. That’s right, zero. That means that you will have to win this map in one go, so it’s recommended for the best Obbyists out there or the ones who wanna prove that they are the best.

Tower of Misery

Image via Roblox

If you liked the previous game, then the Tower of Misery is more of the same, but with extra features. The game’s stages are still randomly generated, but now with a clock for you to beat. Your success can earn you coins that you can use to purchase extra gear to use on your future attempts. And for the most competitive players, there’s also a leaderboard.