The 10 best Roblox games to play with friends

Games where teamwork matters most – until there’s a rivalry.

Having a group of friends in Roblox is beneficial when it comes to completing cooperative tasks or teaming up to shoot down a team of strangers. Unfortunately, not many game descriptions forthright tell you if you can invite peeps to play with you. Instead of having to jump into a bunch of games to discover what works, here are the ones inside Roblox that are superior when bringing someone along.

Adopt Me

Adopt Me is the perfect title for those who want their friends to wait on them hand and foot. The game revolves around players having to be responsible for the livelihood of their pets and others on the server. In doing so, they will raise the funds necessary to upgrade parts of their home and even their fashion style to flaunt to others.

Anime Fighting Simulator

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Likely the best competitive open-world game in Roblox, Anime Fighting Simulator will have you and your friends create avatars based on actual anime characters and complete missions and boss battles for XP. Although, it’s not all about co-op play. Once members of your squad are strong enough, they will challenge you to brutal fights that will certainly get intense.

Hide and Seek Transform

A hide and seek game with a progression system? Count us in. Hide and Seek Transform encourages players to level up and unlock more items for disguises to use. Invite your friends and have three of them be the seekers. They’ll then have 180 seconds in one of the many locations to hunt down the 12 transformed players. It’s a pretty tough feat to accomplish, but it is an adrenaline rush when a seeker finally catches all of their mates.


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There isn’t a main objective for you to complete in Jailbreak, and that’s the way you’ll like it. This nonsensical game centers around your friends overseeing your stay in jail. However, there may be a dirty cop amongst the ranks that will release you to ensure your continued bank-robbing stint. If you do see freedom, watch your back for when the boys in blue come for you.

Murder Mystery 2

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Murder Mystery 2 throws you, your friends, and some strangers into a quiet little town with a slow rise in murder. In the 12 player lobby, one person will be assigned the role of murderer and another will play as an armed cop to work with all citizens to capture this vicious serial killer. Be careful, as one player in the chat may be lying to the community in order to continue their deadly streak.

Natural Disaster

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Natural Disaster is outstanding for those who mainly play battle royales, but you won’t be fighting others. Instead, you and friends will work together to find the perfect hiding place to dodge the ravenous sandstorms, meteors, and tornados that invade the small island you spawn on.

Phantom Forces

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This first-person shooter is very close to hitting one billion page visits and it surely deserves the milestone. There are many other team-centric gun games, but there’s no other that quite nails the shooting of prime console games like Phantom Forces. You can either play with or against friends, but you’ll need the best on your friends list for this highly competitive title.


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RoVille is slowly becoming the most popular simulator in Roblox, meaning that it’s fantastic for you and your peers. Unlike Adopt Me, RoVille is a complex life simulator that takes into account your own personal health and your career. If you do succeed in both of these, you can spend wildly and buy luxurious mansions, or invest your cash to ensure you’re the wealthiest in the server.

Super Golf

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Sometimes, you need a break from your avatar, and Super Golf greatly fulfills that need. Here, you will take control of one gravity defying golf ball, racing to the end of holes against others. As each world is in the shape of a mini-golf course, there are plenty of frustrating windmills and revolving doors that will either be in favor of you or your rival.

Vehicle Simulator

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Some Roblox games try to be as good as big-name titles; others surpass them. Vehicle Simulator undoubtedly succeeds in the latter. Its map is larger than those from most major racing games, especially ones on mobile app stores. The mainstay is its ridiculously massive collection of muscle cars. Though you’re going to need in-game cash to get these, and wrecking or racing your friends is the best way to obtain some.