The 10 cutest Roblox avatar designs and ideas

The most appealing attire for male and female characters.

Screenshot by Gamepur

There are limitless possibilities when aspiring to build the perfect outfit for your Roblox avatar. This is especially true when creating the cutest character imaginable. The platform offers everything from tiny pet companions to princess dresses that come in all sizes and shapes. We don’t blame players if they end up having trouble deciding which adorable costume is best to wear.

What are the cutest avatar outfits in Roblox?

So, to help you select the prettiest cosmetics possible, here is our list of the 10 cutest designs in Roblox, listed in alphabetical order.

Aesthetic Boy

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Creator: iceboy_az9
  • Items included: Falling Blossoms, White Devil Hood, Y2K Emo Black Shirt, Roblox Default Clothing (Pink), Big Grin – Tai Verdes, White Anime Hair, Pink Rose, Terrible Teddy, and Sakura Glasses

Aesthetic Boy manages to win over the hearts of players, despite having a bit of a dark side. The charming design depicts a male avatar in 2000s emo fashion that looks to swoon others with its rose and teddy bear accessories. Its cosmetics will run players 850 Robux, but those willing to spend an additional 60 can place Falling Blossoms above its White Devil Hood.

Blue Bunny Man

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Creator: SuperstarmohibPlayz
  • Items included: Light Blue Champion Sweater, Blue Panget Boys Pants, Pastel Hair for Beautiful People, and Pastel Blue Back Bunny.

Blue Bunny Man is one of the cheapest and cutest outfits Roblox players can own. Costing just 233 Robux, the design gives male avatars completely blue apparel, from its Champion sweater to even the stylish, spiky hair. Best of all, a massive stuffed bunny can also be attached to your character’s back.

Cat Bee!

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Creator: stayaway77
  • Items included: White Hair Flower, Calico Cat Ears, Bee Antenna, Pixel Bee Swarm, Cat-Bee Shirt, Cat-Bee Pants, Extra Fluffy Pigtails, Haircut in Platinum, Mini Big Bee, Honey Wings, and Calico Cat Tails

The Cat Bee! outfit is as adorable as it is absurd with its mix of animal cosmetics. Its body comprises a stripped bodysuit accompanied by a set of honey-glazed wings and antennas. As for its cat characteristics, the avatar features a set of brown, fuzzy ears and a ridiculously lengthy tall. Altogether, players can expect to spend 660 Robux on this creative costume.

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Elf Goddess

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Creator: party2548
  • Items included: White Pointy Fluffy Ears, Elf Ears with White Piercings, White/Gold Jeweled Horns of the Abyss, Crown Blind Mask Gold, Cute Cosplay Goddess Angel Soft Sleeves, Angel Soft Dress, Long Hair Extensions with Pigtails in White, Anime Hair Bangs, and Calm Anime Head

We wouldn’t be making this list without including at least one decadent royal outfit. Although you cannot go with most, this outfit groups almost 10 items together to create an extraordinarily detailed white and gold goddess. Its gear may appear priceless, but it will only require 731 Robux to build this ensemble.


Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Creator: Fanantheartisit
  • Items included: Cute Lil’ Frog Hood, Frog Onesie (Sleeves), Frog Onesie, Long Black High Set Pigtails, Black Cat Ears Hairstyle, and Black Messy Hairstyle

There is an abundance of pajama outfits in Roblox, though not one is as cute as the Froogg onesie. Its headwear comes in the form of a gigantic frog head, while tiny frog faces can be discovered on the slippers and back. The pajama combination costs a shockingly low 80 Robux, but players desiring its hair items will have to give up an extra 245 Robux.

Halloween Aesthetic

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Creator: lizzi_tia12
  • Items included: Golden Orange Fluffy Earrings, White Hairclips, Halloween Kawaii Witch Hat, Boho Princess Flowers, Droppy Elf Ears, Halloween Cardigan Spooky Orange, Halloween Set!, Little Fangs, White Reading Glasses, Bat Swarm, and White Bandage

Despite consisting of 11 items, Halloween Aesthetic takes just 1,132 Robux to own in its entirety. But that is not the only reason why it is so great. It celebrates the spooky holiday with a bat-themed cardigan and pumpkin-orange hat. You can even find more bats floating all around the avatar with the Bat Swarm accessory.

Preppy Christmas

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Creator: ItsJuJuPlays1234
  • Items included: Falling Christmas Holly, Christmas Confetti, Christmas Elf Fit, Elf Christmas Party Dress, Fluffy Ponytail in Blonde, Christmas Drink, Polar Bear, Holiday Cookie Tray, Christmas Circle, and Christmas Lights Aura

You won’t see many outfits beautifully decorated in accessories like Preppy Christmas. Aside from its elf costume, this design is bundled with a pet polar bear, Christmas lights, and even a food tray full of cookies and milk glasses. However, nothing catches the attention of other players quite like the spinning candy cane circle that follows the avatar. Those wanting Preppy Christmas can nab the whole fit for 942 Robux.


Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Creator: PinkieMeg123532
  • Items included: IamSannas Rainbows, Pastel Rainbow Blouse, Daydream, Super Super Happy Face, Superstar Ponytails in Blond, Blonde High Double Space Buns, Rainbow Drink, Rainbow Heart Fairy Wings, Star Ballon Rain, Rainbow Fox Tail, and Rainbow Shoulder Bag

An outfit so popular it has inspired dozens of other creations, Rainbow imagines female characters decked out from head to toe in several colors. It gets its name mainly from its back accessory, one that also sports clouds and stars around an avatar. Once owners turn the fit around, they will discover the same tail featured on Bee Cat but in a sparkling rainbow style. If this sounds like your perfect outfit, you can buy all of Rainbow’s gear for 2,000 Robux.


Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Creator: vinicururu090
  • Items included: Kawaii Cute Soft Anime School Boy Y2K, Cute Ripped Jeans Y2K, Brown Messy Hairstyle, Little Fangs, and Silver King of the Night

This preppy creation is none other than a student seemingly turned vampire. Although, the fangs are not the only items that stand out. The best part is its hot pink long-sleeved shirt with a precious hamster hanging from its chest pocket. Be forewarned; it does include a crown accessory priced at a whooping 200,000 Robux. However, players can opt not to buy it in order for the rest of the outfit to cost a measly 145 Robux.

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Summer Pixie Core

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Creator: Br4tzgalore
  • Items included: Pink Rose Buns, Blue Koi Fish Aesthetic, Baby Chick Companion, Summer Gals, Cinnamon Long Ponytails, Star Cheeks, Anime Nervous Sweat Droplet, Pearls, Water Pond, Duck Floaty, Shiba in a Basket, and Flower Baby

Yes, Summer Pixie Core asks players to purchase 12 items, though it is considered a steal at the price of 532 Robux. This gorgeous design places owners in the shoes of a swimmer who rocks flowery accessories and a large duck floaty around the waist. As if that wasn’t cute enough, a smiling puppy pops its head out from the outfit’s knapsack.