The 10 rarest gunbuddies in Valorant

Which are the rarest lucky charms.

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Gunbuddies are cosmetic items in Valorant that you can hang from your favorite guns to add a little extra flair and personality to them. They don’t offer any advantage outside of that and essentially function as small charms to mark the gun (and its skin) as your own. Most gunbuddies come from things like Agent contracts, battle pass progression, in-game events, or from purchasing weapon Collection bundles in the store. As such, getting your hands on some of these is practically impossible, so there are bound to be some very rare ones. In this article, we will list ten of the rarest gunbuddies in Valorant.

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The rarest gunbuddies in Valorant

10. Year One

Image via Valorant wiki

This gunbuddy was the final reward during the Year One Celebration and the so-called YR1 Anniversary Pass. It’s one of the rarest free gunbuddies in Valorant.

9. Dance of Luck

Image via Valorant wiki

This gunbuddy was the first one rewarded as part of the Prime Gaming platform. Valorant was a very young game back then and plenty of people have missed out on getting this charm.

8. High Top Heat

Image via Valorant wiki

This sneaker-shaped gunbuddy was given to viewers during the 2021 Spike Nations tournament. You had to watch the event for 60 minutes on October 9, 2021, to be eligible to get this gunbuddy.

7. Dallah

Image via Valorant wiki

This special and unique gunbuddy was given to accounts that existed in the Middle Eastern region when that region was launched. 

6. Closed Beta Coin

Image via Valorant wiki

Even during the closed Beta, there was a Battle Pass. Players who got to play at that time and reached Tier 5 could earn and carry over this special gunbuddy.

5. Radiant

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Not too many players can boast to be good enough at Valorant to reach the high rank of Radiant. Those that do can proudly show off this gunbuddy on their guns.

4. Immortal

Image via Valorant wiki

An even higher rank, Immortal is the rank for the best of the best in Valorant. Only a very limited pool of players is able to equip this gunbuddy.

3. VCT Masters Winner

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Even rarer than Immortal players are the pro players, yet even among them, the rarest are those who have lifted a champion trophy. This gunbuddy is reserved only for the VCT Masters winners.

2. VCT Champions Winner

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There is another Valorant pro tournament called VCT Champions with higher stakes and fewer champions, making this gunbuddy one of the rarest out there — VCT Champions winners only.

1. Fist Bump

Image via Valorant wiki

The rarest gunbuddy in the game is also the most heartwarming. The Fist Bump gunbuddy can be obtained only by the random chance of playing in a match with a Riot employee. If they deem that you deserve one, they can reward you with it after the match. They only have a limited number of these gunbuddies to give out, so every one of them is given after serious consideration.